Private Hire Vehicles (PHVs) in Newcastle can be saloons, estates or mpvs. PHVs are not allowed to pick up passengers in the street or from a rank - they can only carry passengers who have pre-booked the journey via a licensed private hire operator. A journey is usually pre-booked by telephone or by visiting an operator's office in person. If a private hire vehicle has not been pre-booked the passengers may not be insured. Private Hire Vehicles must display an identification number on a plate (green) affixed to the rear of the vehicle and in a prominent position on the interior of the vehicle.

They are permitted to display a small roof sign with the company name and the words 'private only'. The legislation relating to licensing of private hire vehicles prevents the Council from limiting the number of private hire vehicles.

Private Hire Vehicles can only be driven by a person who has been granted a private hire drivers licence by the City Council. They will have an identification badge which must be clearly displayed.

Private Hire Vehicle Licence Application Form (pdf 33kb) 

For more information please contact the Licensing Section.
Phone: 0191 278 3864.

Licensing Office
Newington Road East
Newcastle upon Tyne



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11 August 2014
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