Jack Brooke-Battersby
By Jack Brooke-Battersby

Senior Staff Writer

27 May 2021

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Carry on being cautious to limit spread of the virus

Public Health across the North East have issued a statement today urging residents to remain cautious ahead of the Bank Holiday weekend.

Newcastle Civic Centre
Newcastle Civic Centre

We are all aware of the headlines in our region this week with Covid-19-related advice that was issued regarding travel in and out of North Tyneside.

Several of our communities have had confirmed cases of the variant of concern of the virus, known as the Indian variant, and for North Tyneside this has resulted in enhanced testing and extra vaccination services being available.

While it has since been clarified that there are no formal restrictions on travel anywhere in our region, we should all continue to proceed with caution to protect our communities, wherever we live.

We should all use our judgement and take sensible public health precautions when going about our daily lives, particularly when mixing indoors.

Our communities are closely linked and what happens in one area has repercussions for people across the region. Many of us cross boundaries for work or school, to support vulnerable friends and relatives, and to enjoy the many beauty spots that make the North East the place we love to call home.

That is why we are asking people across the region to take the same approach.

Please continue to be cautious and considerate at all times; remember the essential Hands, Face, Space, Fresh Air guidance; make sure you help protect yourself and your loved ones by coming forward for both doses of the vaccine as soon as you’re offered it; you must self-isolate and book a PCR test straight away if you develop symptoms; and make use of free and widely-available Lateral Flow Device self-testing kits if you don’t have symptoms to ensure you aren’t spreading Covid without realising.

We should all remember that the virus is still with us and is still a threat to ourselves and our loved ones. We are all in this together and have a responsibility to play our part in minimising the risk of further outbreaks.

One area that continues to be a significant factor in the spread of this variant and all cases of the virus is transmission within and between households. If someone in your household tests positive for Covid it’s important that they try to self-isolate from the rest of the household as much as possible. For further advice, search for ‘self-isolation’ at www.gov.uk. We would also encourage people to plan activities with family and friends outdoors or at public venues where risk assessments and guidance have been formally implemented and evidence shows a much lower risk of transmission.

With improved weather conditions forecast for the forthcoming Bank Holiday weekend, we should also take extra steps to ensure we stay safe while out and about. Do not travel if you are unwell and maintain a safe distance from others outside your household or support bubble.

The impact of Covid has been difficult for the region and its residents, but we urge everyone to keep going at what is a crucial time, both in terms of the Roadmap out of lockdown and the continuation of the vaccination roll out which is vital to keeping people safe and allowing us to all to enjoy each other’s company in person once again.

Caution at this stage could make a significant difference in the coming months.



Wendy Burke, Director of Public Health, North Tyneside

Amanda Healy, Director Public Health, County Durham

Alice Wiseman, Director of Public Health, Gateshead

Lorna Smith, Assistant Director of Public Health, Newcastle

Liz Morgan, Director of Public Health, Northumberland

Tom Hall, Director of Public Health, South Tyneside

Gerry Taylor, Director of Public Health, Sunderland

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