Andrew McKegney
By Andrew McKegney

Senior Staff Writer

18 November 2020

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Clampdown on businesses flouting lockdown restrictions

Trading standards in Newcastle, supported by police, are continuing to clampdown on businesses flouting lockdown restrictions. 


Civic Centre
Civic Centre

More than 120 premises have been visited and owners reminded of the need to comply with advice to stop the spread of Covid-19. 

 Teams of officers and police have responded to 86 complaints of alleged breaches in shopping areas such as West Road, Adelaide Terrace in the west end and Shields Road and Chillingham Road in the east end. 

 Examples of breaches include: 

•         Businesses continuing to trade when they should be closed

•         Businesses allowed to stay open failing to ensure compliance among staff and customers 

Dozens of Fixed Penalty Notices have been issued to businesses and customers. For businesses these can be £200 but if paid within 14 days are discounted to £100. These amounts double for subsequent breaches. 

Cabinet Member for Neighbourhoods and Public Health, Cllr Irim Ali, said: “I appreciate the impact lockdown is having on businesses, but we must stop the spread of the virus and the law fundamentally must be obeyed.

“The vast majority of businesses are following the rules, but some are not either through ignorance or wilful defiance – neither is a defence so I urge businesses to comply as our officers are visiting premises all over the city.

“I welcome this proactive approach by trading standards supported by Northumbria Police. Businesses have a responsibility – but also customers who must socially distance properly, wear a face covering and regularly wash their hands.

“Each and every one of us has a responsibility to follow the rules and protect each other. That is the only way we will drive done infection rates.”

 Chief Inspector Steve Wykes, of Northumbria Police, said: “We will continue to support our local authority partners around their engagement and enforcement activity with businesses. 

“We all have a responsibility to reduce the spread of Coronavirus in our region and we will continue to engage with the public about the restrictions. However, along with our partners, we are committed to taking appropriate action where necessary to protect our communities.” 

Businesses visited have included takeaways (which can remain open), mobile phone shops, barbers and hairdressers which all should remain closed. 

If you see or know of a businesses or premises that is open that you believe should be closed, please report this in confidence be emailing   

Further information for businesses at 


If the fixed penalty notice is the first one issued to the person under a relevant enactment, 

the amount is— 

(i) £100, if the amount is paid before the end of the period of 14 days following the date of the notice; 

(ii) otherwise, £200; 

(b) if the fixed penalty notice is not the first one issued to the person under a relevant 

enactment, the amount is— 

(i) £400, if it is the second fixed penalty notice so issued; 

(ii) £800, if it is the third fixed penalty notice so issued; 

(iii) £1,600, if it is the fourth fixed penalty notice so issued; 

(iv) £3,200, if it is the fifth fixed penalty notice so issued; 

(v) £6,400, if it is the sixth or any subsequent fixed penalty notice so issued.