How to get your Covid-19 Vaccine

7 February 2022

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How to get your Covid-19 Vaccine

The coronavirus (COVID-19) vaccines are safe and effective. They give you the best protection against COVID-19

Vaccines are available via a number of routes, including pre-booked appointments and drop-in sessions.   Find your nearest vaccine clinic here.

It also must have been at least eight weeks since you had your first vaccine - This is to ensure your vaccinations are as effective as they can be. To be eligible for a Booster vaccine it must have been at least three months since your second dose. 

Your details will be checked when you arrive at the clinic and if you do not meet this criteria you will be turned away. 

Please note, the vaccine available on site (Pfizer or Moderna) is subject to change at short notice. If you have concerns or questions, please discuss with one of the on-site