27 June 2023

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New website makes installing solar panels easier

Going green just got easier thanks to a council innovation.

Installing solar panels could save money on energy bills
Installing solar panels could save money on energy bills

A new website allows residents and businesses to quickly and easily find out how much they could potentially save on their energy bills by installing solar panels.

Newcastle City Council has launched GREENER Newcastle which enables users to search for their property on an interactive map.

The website provides an estimate of how many solar panels could be installed on the roof, the renewable electricity generated each year and the total cost.

It also estimates how much could potentially be saved on energy bills annually and how many years it could take to recover the cost of the investment.

Residents and businesses interested in installing solar panels can then access information for certified contractors in Newcastle and the North East via the Microgeneration Certification Scheme (MCS).

Cllr Jane Byrne, Newcastle City Council Cabinet member for a Connected, Clean City said: “Installing solar panels is a great way of generating clean electricity and reducing carbon emissions but we understand the process can be quite daunting.

“The website supports people every step of the way providing clear information on the environmental benefits and the long-term savings that can be made, as well as details of qualified contractors who can provide quotes to carry out the work.

“With the volatile energy prices we have seen over the past year, now could be a good time to see if your home or business could benefit.

“As a city we have made a strong commitment to reach net zero by 2030 and installing solar panels is just one of the ways in which we can make our homes and buildings greener and more sustainable.”

John Donaldson, 50, from Walker, had seven solar panels installed at his home in February.

He said: “The installation process was quick and easy, taking around eight weeks for the solar panels to be fitted. It’s great for the environment and will help me to save money on my bills.

“I would recommend people to use the website to find out the benefits of installing solar panels at their homes.”

Visit the GREENER Newcastle website at https://greenernewcastle.newcastle.gov.uk/SolarPV to find out more.

Later this year the website will be expanded to show where electric vehicle charges points are located in the city, as well as more information on energy efficiency improvements which can be made to homes to reduce energy bills.