16 May 2019

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Final call for responses to the air quality consultation

Time is running out for people to have their say on proposals for tackling pollution.

Clean air proposals, tell us your views
Clean air proposals, tell us your views

More than 11,000 people have already responded to the air quality consultation and anyone who hasn’t taken part yet only has until this Friday (17 May) to do so.

People are being urged to give their views on three important issues, which may affect the journeys they make, particularly if they drive an older vehicle and if they travel into Newcastle City Centre.

The three main issues covered by the consultation are:

  1. Potential charging options. There are two charging options which are part of the consultation – one is a charging Clean Air Zone and the other a system of city bridge tolls along with a Low Emission Zone in Newcastle city centre. These options could mean charges for certain vehicles to use certain routes or a ban on some vehicles in the city centre.
  1. Financial support for those who could be affected by the introduction of any charges. This could include grants or interest-free loans to help people upgrade their vehicle and travel credits to help people switch to using public transport.
  1. Longer term investment in measures to help people change the way they travel. This could include investment in better public transport, cycling and walking networks, new park and ride facilities, work with employers and schools to help people change travel behaviour and improved traffic management systems to smooth traffic flows and reduce congestion.

Poor air quality is a major public health risk, with road transport being one of the biggest sources of harmful pollution in the air people breathe.

Councils in Newcastle, Gateshead and North Tyneside, along with many others across the country, have been issued with a legal order by government to take urgent action to address the problem.

Councils are keen to ensure that any measures that are introduced not only improve air quality but also avoid a negative impact on the local economy, business and those on lower incomes.

The consultation is open to everyone and anybody who hasn’t already taken part is urged to do so before the closing date on Friday (17 May).

Details about the proposals and the consultation questionnaire is at www.breathe-cleanair.com

Find out more about the proposals in the air quality consultation.

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