21 September 2021

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Newcastle pupils celebrate World Car Free Day

Children at a Newcastle primary school are taking over their street as part of an event to mark World Car Free Day tomorrow (Sept 22).
The street outside Chillingham Road Primary School – Ninth Avenue, in Heaton – will be closed to traffic at drop off and pick up times, as well as throughout the school day.
It means the pupils will get to enjoy day of fresh air and outdoor activities and also take part in a trial School Street – a scheme which encourages families to walk, scoot, cycle or park and stride on their journeys to school and back.

A red road sign with the words Road Closed on it.

Cllr Ged Bell, cabinet member for development, transport and neighbourhoods at Newcastle City Council, said: “We’re working with schools to develop and introduce School Street schemes across the city to keep the school gates clear of traffic on mornings and at pick up times to help make the areas safer and less polluted.
“Of course, closing streets at certain times of day will have implications for some road users, although residents, blue badge holders and those requiring access to the street would be exempt.
“This trial scheme at Chillingham Road Primary School will help us to understand what issues arise and how we can address them to ensure that these schemes are successful as we introduce them in other schools.
“We’re keen to work together with schools, families and communities as we develop further school streets in other areas of the city.” 
The closure of Ninth Avenue will be in place from 8am until 4pm tomorrow (Sept 22), with children taking part in outdoor lessons and activities during the school day.
The city council will be inviting feedback from the school, families and local residents following the trial event.