Cabinet member for Development, Neighbourhoods and Transport

Cabinet member for Development, Neighbourhoods and Transport

Councillor Ged Bell

A retired fire-fighter, Councillor Ged Bell was first elected to Newcastle City Council in May 1996.  He is a Labour councillor for Kenton Ward.  

Under the council's pre 2004 Labour administration Ged had responsibility for Culture, Sport, Tourism and Leisure, then following the party's return to power in May 2011, he was appointed as Cabinet Member for Culture and Leisure.

In 2014 Ged became Cabinet member for Investment and Development, later retitled Employment, then Employment and Culture. 

In May 2021 Ged became Cabinet member for Neighbourhoods and Transport and then June 2021 to include development with responsibilities now including delivery of major investment projects, and city centre recovery.

Find out more on Cllr Bell's ward member page.


The role of Cabinet member for Development and Neighbourhoods and Transport involves:

  • Promoting and developing Low Traffic Neighbourhoods, 15 Minute Neighbourhoods, School Streets, Play Streets and other initiatives that promote streets for people

  • Promoting walking and cycling
    - Cycling networks and pedestrian safety

  • Promoting public transport


  • Relationships with public transport operators
    -Traffic enforcement

  • Traffic and parking policy and enforcement (including bus lanes)

  • Political governance of Local Services
    - Street cleaning
    - Graffiti removal
    - Neighbourhood response teams
    - Waste collection
    - Recycling
    - Garden waste collection
    - Horticultural and arboreal services

  • Leading the Council’s response to the Waste Commission/Development of a city-wide Waste Strategy
  • Delivery of Transport infrastructure, including:
    - Major transport schemes
    - Local highways schemes
    - Pavement  and Road repairs

  • Regional Transport functions
  • Delivery of major investment projects:
    - Capital programme
    - City Deal and related development sites
    - Science City Partnership
    - Local Development Framework

  • City Centre Recovery
    - Business Improvement District
    - City Centre retail and diversification



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