City Centre Transformation: Our vision

City Centre Transformation: Our vision



View of Newcastle City Centre


Newcastle City Council has a clear vision and ambition for the future.  We want to deliver our long-term vision to transform the heart of the city into a greener place, to support Newcastle’s drive towards NetZero, and create a place our residents can continue to be proud of.  To do this we need to build on our strengths and address our weaknesses, creating a modern, vibrant and welcoming city centre.

We have distinctive qualities that other UK cities do not which we can build on to further develop our appeal, both nationally and overseas. We need to invest, be creative and innovative, and start pioneering once again to deliver an invigorated heart of Newcastle.

The spirit and character of our people is world-famous, but our city centre needs significant investment to reflect our passion and pride. We want to create a revitalised city centre for people to grow up and grow old in, empowering our amazing communities and businesses to deliver on our status as the Capital of the Northeast.

The CCTP has identified a host of major initiatives focused on making the city centre a more attractive and welcoming place.  Combined, they will create a rich and engaging experience for visitors, workers and residents of Newcastle. We will deliver a series of improvements to many key streets, to create a modern, vibrant and people focused city centre. This will further be achieved through our vision to prioritise pedestrians throughout the city centre by removing traffic in some of the areas. 

We’ve been consulting on our proposals since the end of 2020 and are now moving forwards with our work.

Visit the 'why now' page to read why we're doing this.

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