Developing new walking and cycling routes

Developing new walking and cycling routes

Many thanks to everyone who took part in our city-wide consultation to develop new walking and cycling routes across the city.

We had already done quite a lot of work to map out existing walking and cycling routes but this had mainly focussed on the central areas of the city and we needed your help to identify routes in other parts of the city as well as potential improvements that could be made in the future.

It didn't matter whether you hardly ever walked or cycled or you regularly travelled on foot or by bike – we still wanted to hear from you.

We were interested in finding out what journeys you make, how you travel and if there are any ways you think routes could be made better.

These are currently in development and we will release this information later this year as part of our air quality proposals.

What you told us

Click on the link to the online survey to read what people told us.

This map shows the existing routes and the possible new routes that we consulted on.


Purpose of the project

This work was being done in response to the government’s Cycling and Walking Investment Strategy, which sets out an ambition to ensure more people can use safe and convenient walking and cycling routes by 2040.

By developing this plan – called a Local Cycling and Walking Infrastructure Plan – we will be able to set out what needs to be done to improve the network over the next 10 years.

We will use it to work out where the main preferred routes are in the city and areas where further routes could be developed.

This will help us to plan which areas and routes should be a priority for investment.

It will also put us in a stronger position to bid for any funding which becomes available from government, so it might result in us having more to invest.


How we’ve developed our proposals

Our proposals have been developed using guidance provided by government and additional local knowledge which we have built up through our existing work to develop our walking and cycling networks.

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