Supplementary scratchcards - resident

Scratchcards were introduced to meet residents' needs (e.g. for family gatherings and social occasions) and support additional business and community requirements and supplement the existing resident and visitor permits.

Details are scratched off to show the relevant date and the permit zone and the vehicle registration number must be entered.

What length of time does a scratchcard provide a parking exemption for?

Books of scratchcards can be purchased for full or half days.

How long do residents scratchcards last for?

There is no end date on the scratchcards, so they do not need to be used by a certain date.

How to apply

Customer Service Centres no longer process applications and requests for parking permits in person, including scratchcard permits.  Applications for permits or scratchcards will need to be submitted online or by post. Please allow 14 days for your application to be processed.

If you don't already hold permits please provide the following to support your application:

  • Provide proof of residency
    • By giving consent to a check to be made against the Council Tax database or Electoral Register or by providing a Council Tax Statement,
    • Tenancy Agreement (must be signed by both landlord and tenant and show the tenants and dates of tenancy),
    • Bank Statement (you can delete any financial details); or
    • Utility Bill
  • If you already hold a valid resident or visitor permit for your address you do not need to supply proof again.
  • Information regarding how your personal data may be collected, processed, shared and retained following your application for scratch cards can be found here.

How many scratchcards can I apply for?

The maximum number of resident supplementary scratchcards is set at 60 in a rolling 12 month period.

The allocation may be restricted at the discretion of the Council having considered the impact on residents parking provision and the number of supplementary scratchcards previously issued.

How much do scratchcards cost?

A full day scratchcard costs £2.00 and a half day scratchcard costs £1.00. Both types can be ordered in multiples of 5, 10 or 20.


There are no discounts applicable for scratchcards.  Please be aware that full books of unused scratchcards returned to Newcastle Parking Services within 14 days of issue, will be subject to a full refund of the price paid.  After this 14 day period, unused scratch cards cannot be transferred or be subject to a refund.

Page last updated: 
13 February 2019
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