How business can help the city

How business can help the city

We have a passion for change, and for strong, common values. Our measure of success is a tide that lifts all boats; a prosperity that is shared. We want each and every Geordie to have a chance to contribute to that success.  For us, opportunity should be universal, hard work will be rewarded, and the purpose of growth is to spread wealth, as well as generate it. 

Newcastle’s businesses are playing a crucial part in helping to share opportunity for all and we encourage all businesses to do what they can, including:

  • Offering employment to unemployed people - Newcastle Futures is dedicated to helping people access work, and will work closely with employers to match people to jobs.
  • Providing Apprenticeship opportunities and work placement opportunities for young people - City Learning can help business to plan apprenticeships, deliver training and recruit the right people for your businesses.
  • Engage with schools to ensure that children leave school with the right skills and attitudes to meet the needs of local businesses - contact Ray Malecki 0191 277 to find out how we can help.

Sign up for the Good Work charter when it is launched – watch this space for more information!

Did you know?

We have the fastest rate of company growth in the UK outside of London at 10.78%.