The Quayside Sunday Market

The Quayside Sunday Market

The market is operating at the moment, please respect Covid-19 measures for everyones's safety.

If you’ve not visited the Quayside Market in a while, you might be in for a surprise. It is a vibrant and flourishing street market along the river from the Swing Bridge to the near the Millennium Bridge. Whether you're a foodie or fashion conscious, a browser or a buyer the market offers fresh and local, traditional and modern, history and culture. There is something for everyone at this historic and local market.

There are two ways you can trade at the Quayside Market, as a casual trader with your own stall or trade on one of the stalls provided by the council.

If you have your own stall the charge for a space to trade is £4.59 per linear metre (£1.40 per linear foot).  The market is governed by these rules and regulations.

The council has a limited number of stalls to enable local traders and artists to showcase their products. The charge is currently £336 for a 12 week period.   Apply for a council supplied stall at the Sunday Quayside Market.

All traders must have £10m public liability insurance.

For more information on market stalls in Newcastle please contact the markets team on 0191 211 5512 or email

Did you know?

The Quayside Market has a long history dating back to 1736 when it was first recorded in historic records as a fair. The original Quayside market stretched from the old Tyne Bridge (near the site of the current Swing Bridge) along Sandgate and beyond. Commercial stalls selling every manner of goods were pitched along the riverside with a variety of fairground attractions and racing tipsters providing added entertainment.

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