Energy advice

Energy advice

High gas and electricity prices are a causing concern for many residents and businesses.

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There are several ways you may be able to reduce your energy costs, including:

  • taking simple steps to reduce the energy you use
  • making your home more energy efficient
  • applying for free help and support

Charities, energy companies and the regulator Ofgem all offer free advice.

Our team may also be able to help you access grants or support from a range of schemes.

Support you can access yourself

Help with prepayment energy costs

If your prepayment meters are about to run out of credit and you don't have any funds to top up, you need to contact your energy supplier.

Your supplier will be able to issue a credit voucher or extend your emergency credit.

If your supplier tells you that they can't help, you can ask the Citizens Advice extra help unit to speak to them on your behalf:

Save energy at home and reduce your bills

Information on saving energy and reducing your bills at home is available online from many sources.

This advice can help you to:

    Sustainable Warmth - apply for energy upgrades to your home

    The council secured an additional £1million from the Government to build on the delivery of the £3million Green Homes Grant Local Authority Delivery (GHG LAD) scheme.

    The Sustainable Warmth scheme is targeted at residents who: 

    • own their homes or rent from a private landlord;
    • have a gross household income of £30,000 per year or less;
    • live in homes with a low energy rating (an EPC of D/E/F/G)

    The scheme can fund measures such as:

    • wall, loft and floor insulation,
    • low carbon heating
    • solar panels

    The Sustainable Warmth scheme funding is currently fully allocated, but you can still register interest by contacting our delivery partner Warmworks

    Apply for money off low carbon heating technologies

    Check the Boiler Upgrade Scheme guidance and  how to apply.

    Advice for business

    The energy regulator Ofgem offers a general guide to business gas and electricity use.

    Support we offer

    Broken boiler replacements

    Residents can be referred to the LEAP scheme (formerly ECHO) if:

    • they are a home owner with a broken boiler; AND
    • they claim a means tested benefit OR have a gross household income under £31,000 per year; AND
    • they are aged over 65 OR aged under 5 OR suffering from cancer, terminal illness, cardiovascular or respiratory condition,  disability (affecting mobility) or a mental health condition;

     Please email our domestic advice team to enquire. LEAP cannot help with inefficient boilers that are still working.

    Energy advice and grants

    Our Energy Services team provides expert advice and support for residents and businesses in Newcastle.

    This includes work to:

    • improve energy efficiency
    • help households to keep warm at a reasonable cost (reduce fuel poverty)
    • offer energy saving and fuel debt advice

    If you have been unable to find the support you need please contact us:

    Free business energy audit

    Small and medium sized businesses in Newcastle can also apply for a free energy audit through our business energy saving team (BEST)

    This will:

    • identify potential energy improvements and savings
    • develop a plan to help you achieve them
    • help your firm access funding for energy improvements
    • cut your greenhouse gas emissions

    Please note that while the first phase of the BEST programme is now complete, businesses can also continue to register their interest, for potential future support.

    Advice for landlords and tenants

    Our private rented service offers free advice and support to help landlords ensure their properties meet legal requirements.

    They also can support tenants who have problems with energy efficiency or heating systems.

    Find out more on our minimum energy efficiency standards page.

    If you rent your home from Your Homes Newcastle you can access extra support, including an energy saving check up.

    Crisis support

    Our crisis support scheme provides support for people who have suffered an emergency that has left them:

    • without access to vital necessities
    • at a health and safety risk
    • unable to secure funding from any other source

    Heating is considered a vital necessity and being without it could be potentially harmful.

    Find out more about crisis support, benefits and other ways you can get help on our cost of living support page.

    Government support

    The Chancellor of the Exchequer has announced an extra £15 billion of support for people dealing with the rising cost of living.

    Details of this can be found in the:

    This includes the £400 Energy  Bill Support scheme and the Household Support Fund.

    Other financial support

    You may be eligible to receive extra help with your energy bills, these payments will be made automatically you should not need to apply, including:

    Energy Company Obligation apply for funding to improve your home's energy rating - NB check out our Sustainable Warmth scheme first 


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