Mandatory licensing for Houses in Multiple Occupation (HMO's)

HMO licensing

On the 1 October 2018 the legislation regarding the mandatory licensing of houses in multiple occupation (HMOs) changed. An HMO licence is now required if a property has 5 or more occupants forming 2 or more households and where there is some sharing of the basic amenities (washing facilities, toilets, kitchens).

The government also introduced minimum room sizes for bedrooms and a new mandatory condition which require licence holders to have appropriate arrangements in place for the storage and disposal of household waste.


Standards and conditions for HMOs

The legal minimum standards for HMO's are set out in the Housing Act 2004 and national Regulations. The HMO Management Regulations cover the legal duties for the day to day running of HMO's

All HMO licences are subject to conditions which the licence holder must comply with either immediately or within a specified period of time. The Housing Act 2004 stipulates mandatory conditions that must be included in every licence granted. We can also impose any other specific property conditions considered necessary for regulating the management, use and occupation of premises plus its condition and contents.

All HMO's are subject to the Housing Health and Safety Rating Scheme (HHSRS). This is a risk based evaluation tool to help local authorities identify and protect against potential risks to the health and safety of tenants from deficiencies identified in dwellings.

Please read the Guide for Landlords and Managing Agents  before making an application for a licence.This includes information about the licensing scheme, the standards required in all HMO's and the conditions which will be attached to an HMO licence.

Licence holders and managing agents are required to have procedures in place to effectively manage their property. The Private Rented Service have developed model procedures and documents which you can use to help you comply with all of your legal obligations.


Making an application for a licence

All applications for a new licence must be made online and paid in two parts as part of the application process. You will need to set up an account to complete a property licence application and to track the status of your application.

What do I need to apply?

•room sizes and property facilities
•details of property structure and safety equipment
•names and addresses of persons and organisations with an interest in the property
•payment card details
•certificates e.g gas safety, electrical etc


Apply and pay for a new HMO licence


Apply and pay to renew an existing HMO licence


Apply to make a variation to an existing HMO licence

HMO licence fee

Licence application by a new proposed licence holder

Part A payment £220

Part B payment £530

Total payment £750

Application for an HMO licence renewal £575


Model procedures

Model procedures have been developed to help landlords to comply with the licensing conditions. In the application form you can indicate that you agree to follow these model procedures or you can send us copies of your own procedures.

Public register

All licensed properties can be viewed on our public register.


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