Household Waste and Recycling Centres

Household Waste and Recycling Centres

Covid rules

Our three household waste and recycling centres (HWRCs) are open.

We are keeping our rules in place to keep visitors and staff safe.

This includes social distancing,  photo ID and address checks, and our odds and evens access rules, with entry linked to the date and the last number of your vehicle registration. 

The Wastebot permit system for larger vehicles has resumed and they can access our Brunswick site on Mondays and Thursdays, odds and evens rules allowing. 

Find out what you need to know before you visit on our Coronavirus: HWRC page.


Our recycling centres

We have three sites in Newcastle where you can recycle items and dispose of any extra household waste you might have. These sites are strictly for the disposal of domestic waste (waste from your home) and they are just for residents of the Newcastle City Council district. If you are not sure about this, just check your most recent council tax bill.

Please ensure you separate your waste before coming to the site. Remember the sites can often be busy and this will assist in preventing long queues.

We have made a number of changes to how these sites work in the past year so please make sure you read about our revised opening times and new site rules. Remember to follow us on Twitter for the most up to date status reports.

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Site locations


Current status: Please check our Twitter page for recent status on this site.

Brunswick Industrial Estate
Sandy Lane
Newcastle upon Tyne
NE13 7BA
Location map  (please note this links to an external webpage)


Current status: Please check our Twitter page for recent status on this site.

Glasshouse Street, off Walker Road
Newcastle upon Tyne
Location map (please note this links to an external webpage)


Current status: Please check our Twitter page for recent status on this site.

Walbottle Road
Newcastle upon Tyne
NE15 8HY
Location map  (please note this links to an external webpage)

Opening times

Our recycling centres are open every day except Christmas Day, Boxing Day and New Year's Day.

For your safety we do not allow pedestrian access to the sites. Please note that each site has it's own set of opening and closing times.

Brunswick recycling centre opens:

  • 8am to 6pm

Byker recycling centre opens: 

  • April 1 to September 30: 8am to 8pm
  • October 1 to March 31: 8am to 6pm

Walbottle recycling centre opens:

  • April 1 to September 30: 10am to 8pm
  • October 1 to March 31: 10am to 6pm

Please note: All three recycling centres close at 4pm on Christmas Eve and New Year's Eve.

Please be aware that all three Household Waste Recycling Centres must close on the hour.

In order to have sites cleared and gates locked on the hour, last entry for small loads in cars is 15 minutes before closing; last entry for large loads in cars is 30 minutes before closing; last entry for vehicles with permits is one hour before closing.

Please bear these time restrictions in mind if attempting to visit a site late in the evening.


Changes to Household Waste and Recycling Centres to improve recycling, segregation, site safety and management of non-domestic waste

The household waste recycling centres provide a recycling and waste disposal facility for Newcastle residents only. It is illegal for businesses to dispose of waste at these sites; it is also not permissible for non-residents to use these sites. 

We have introduced some new rules to ensure fair usage of each site and to manage the issue of contaminated recycling. These included restrictions of very large vehicles and a free permit scheme for residents who drive a van or a car towing a trailer, a vehicle with commercial branding or sometimes use a hire vehicle. Our priority is to the safety of residents and staff and the ongoing sustainability of each site.

The vehicle restrictions include any vehicle over 2m high, over 6m long, exceeding 3.5 tonne weight and trailers exceeding 3m. We have made these changes because vehicles over a certain size are causing significant operational problems, contaminating recycling and can potentially carry large volumes of commercial waste. Any 2m high vans with roof racks will be considered a modification to the vehicle and we would therefore request that the roof rack is removed prior to entering the site to enable access below the height barrier.

The free permit scheme is being administered through technology on a mobile phone called a ‘waste bot’, which is much easier and responsive for residents to use.  The ‘waste bot’ permit scheme is already live and is receiving positive feedback from residents.


Public safety

When considering entering the site please reduce manual handling risks to yourself by:

  • Breaking the load down to be lighter and less bulky

  • Use strong bags or other containers to make the load easier to grasp

  • Sort your waste and recycling before you head out to the site

  • Use both hands when carrying

  • Avoid stooping when reaching where possible

  • Also ensure you wear suitable clothing and sensible footwear

  • Wear strong gloves when handling items

  • Make sure any glass items are well secured, and glass panels are taped


Routine site closures and short term closures

When a mixed waste container fills, waste needs to be compacted into a smaller number of storage containers. The process of moving the compacter takes about 15 minutes and our sites must close temporarily to allow this to happen safely.

We try to keep closures to a minimum and we ask for our customers' understanding when this occurs. Please check for signs on the site gates.


Adverse weather

Site staff will always try to keep the sites open in adverse weather. However, sites may have to close if conditions become dangerous. If conditions are bad, and you would like to find out in advance if a site is open, please check our social media pages or phone 0191 278 7878 and ask for 'tips' prior to travelling.


Newcastle residents with commercial vehicles

If you wish to access a site with household waste, but are using a commercial-type vehicle or a trailer, you will need to apply for a permit beforehand.

For further information, please visit our household waste permit page.


Trade waste

Only household waste may be accepted at any of our Household Waste and Recycling Centres. The sites are not legally permitted to receive waste from businesses or tradespersons. Depositing commercial or industrial waste at the sites is a criminal offence and anyone identified doing so will be prosecuted or issued a fixed penalty of between £200 and £300. The maximum fine for bringing trade waste to the sites is unlimited.

To find a permitted trade waste disposal point, please consult the commercial waste section of and check the status of the site or contractor on the Environment Agency's public register before using it.

You must comply with the legislation and duty of care that relates to trade waste. This includes keeping records of how you dispose of your waste and who you give it to.

You may need to be a registered waste carrier to transport waste from your business or occupation.


Local recycling points

Recycling points are situated in locations such as supermarket car parks. At the recycling points you will find a small number of recycling containers for the more commonly used materials such as glass, clothing and newspaper. They do not accept general waste for disposal. Visit Recycle Now to use your postcode to find your nearest recycling point. Please check our pages about recycling bulky items.

Did you know?

Our Important site rules

We will be carrying out random residency checks for users of our sites.

If you need to check your local authority area, you can use the Local Authority Checker provided by the Government.

We strongly advise that all users check that the vehicle they plan to use complies with these rules before travelling to the site. This helps to prevent queues, improve safety and reduce delays being caused to other customers.

The following vehicles are not allowed:

  • vehicles over 2m high

  • vehicles over 6m long

  • vehicles exceeding 3.5 tonnes

  • trailers exceeding 3m (including the tow bar)

  • dropside vans and tipper/flatbed vans

Please note that  height restriction barriers are implemented at all three of our Household Waste and Recycling Centres. Vehicles over 2m high won't be able to access any of the sites, as they don't conform with vehicle permit terms and conditions.

Our staff will not let in vehicles if they do not meet these requirements. The barriers will not be moved or lifted.

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