Recycling centre site rules

Recycling centre site rules

Our three household waste and recycling centres (HWRCs) have rules in place to make sure your visit is as quick, easy and safe as possible. Our sites are only accessible by vehicle or cargo bike. There is no access for pedestrians.

This includes a need to bring photo ID so we can check your address, and a permit system for larger vehicles to use the Brunswick site.

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Who can visit

Newcastle's three recycling centres are provided so that people who live in the city can dispose of their rubbish and recycling.

In order to visit you must:

  • live within the area covered by Newcastle City Council

If you are unsure which area you live in, please check your council tax bill or use the Government's local authority checker.


Before you visit

Please see our household waste and recycling centres page for where to find your nearest site and its opening times. Remember Byker and Brunswick are open 8am to 6pm, and Walbottle is open 9am to 6pm, all year round apart from Christmas Day, Boxing Day and New Years Day when all sites close.

Proof you live in Newcastle

To be allowed in to one of our sites you will have to show:

  • photo ID, such as a passport
  • proof that you live in the city, for example a recent council tax or utility bill

A photocard driving licence is acceptable on its own.

Please make sure to bring these items with you when you visit.

Prepare your rubbish and recycling

Before visiting one of our sites:

  • sort your waste by type
  • break your rubbish and recycling down to be lighter and less bulky
  • use strong bags or other containers so waste is easier to hold
  • make sure any glass items are well secured, and glass panels are taped

Last entry

Please be aware that all three Household Waste Recycling Centres must close on the hour. In order to have sites cleared and gates locked on the hour, last entry is:

  • 15 minutes before closing for small car loads
  • 30 minutes before closing for large car loads
  • one hour before closing for larger vehicles with a Wastebot permit

Please bear these time restrictions in mind if attempting to visit a site late in the evening.

Keep yourself safe

You can take simple steps to keep yourself safe and reduce the risk of injury. You should:

  • wear suitable clothing and sensible footwear
  • wear strong gloves
  • use both hands to carry items
  • avoid stooping when reaching where possible

When you visit

During your visit to our sites remember that:

  • we will not tolerate any abuse towards our staff
  • if you do not comply with the site rules then your access may be revoked.

When you arrive at a recycling centre

When you arrive at one of our sites please:

  • have your ID ready to be checked
  • stay in your car if there is a queue to enter
  • leave and return if requested - queues to get in are capped at 45 minutes at Walbottle and Brunswick, and 30 minutes at Byker

Once inside our site

When you enter one of our sites please:

  • park in the bays provided
  • be mindful of other users


All visitors to our recycling centres must use a vehicle. You cannot access our sites on foot.

Please check that the vehicle you plan to use complies with the site rules before visiting. This helps to prevent queues, improves safety and reduces delays for other visitors.

Larger vehicles, business vehicles and trailers

If you drive a larger vehicle, one that has business branding, or are towing a trailer then you will need to apply for a permit, then visit our Brunswick recycling centre.

This includes:

  • vans (including hired vehicles)
  • car-derived vans 
  • pick-up trucks
  • campervans and minibuses
  • any vehicle with more than 7 seats
  • any vehicle towing a trailer
  • any vehicle displaying a business livery or logo
  • any vehicle with rear seats removed/modified

However, an upper a size limit is in place and we cannot admit vehicles:

  • over 2 metres high (including roof racks)
  • over 6 metres long
  • that are over 3.5 tonnes
  • with trailers over 3 metres long (including the tow bar)

We also do not allow the use of dropside vans and tipper/flatbed type trucks.

Wastebot permits

Our text message based Wastebot permit system is quick and easy to use, and you can get a year’s worth of permits in just a few minutes.

Find out how to:

Vehicles that need permits can visit our Brunswick site only. Anyone with a permit arriving at Walbottle or Byker will be turned away.

In line with the rules on what you can take to our recycling centres no rubble, DIY waste, soil or white goods will be accepted at Brunswick.

Cargo Bikes

From April 2022 cargo bikes can access our recycling centres.

A cargo bike is:

  • a bicycle designed for transporting loads, with a large container attached to it, that sometimes has its own set of wheels

If you visit by cargo bike you must:

  • make sure your bike is not overloaded
  • queue along with other vehicles and wait to be let into the site by a member of staff
  • ride your bike into the site – you must not push it in
  • park in the bays provided
  • be aware of other vehicles when moving around the site

We also urge you to:

  • wear high visibility clothing

Covid-19 waste

If you have symptoms of Covid-19 you should not attempt to visit a recycling centre.

If you cannot visit a recycling centre

If you cannot visit one of our sites, and do not have someone who can visit for you, then we ask that you store or dispose of your waste responsibly.

We offer a paid for bulky waste collection service. You can:

We are currently offering a temporary 25 percent discount on bulky waste collections, with the discount applied when you checkout and confirm your booking.

Did you know?

Site Security - CCTV

For the safety and security of site users and our staff, we have CCTV monitoring in place. Site staff also wear body cameras which can record sound and video footage. 

This helps to ensure that sites are being used fairly and visitors are following the site rules. This also helps us to prevent commercial use of the sites.

Need more information?

If you have any questions please call 0191 2787878 and ask for "Your Local Services."

Please note that lines may be busy.

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