Abandoned trolleys

Abandoned trolleys

The Council has not adopted powers to operate a collection service for abandoned supermarket shopping trolleys or luggage trolleys and does not maintain a trolley pound.

Do not take shopping or luggage trolleys away from the supermarket, car park or railway station.  Abandoned trolleys can be an eyesore, can be stolen for their metal, can be a hazard to road users, can be danger on railway lines, and can end up in waterways.  Taking them is theft.

Industry estimates abandoned shopping trolleys could be near to one million per year, the cost to British business is £35m per year, and 40% of UK shoppers do not think there is a problem with trolley theft.


Report an abandoned trolley

If the trolley is from:

  • Morrisons

  • Tesco

  • Iceland

  • Sainsbury's

  • Home Bargains

  • Marks and Spencer

  • B&Q

  • Lidl

  • Aldi

please report it to the local branch or report it to Trolleywise 

You can report via their website, use their mobile app, email trolleywise@wanzl.co.uk or call 01926 451 951 (option 3) to report an abandoned trolley.  The nearest member of the Trolleywise team will pick it up and return it to the correct store.

If the trolley is from another store, please contact the local branch. If the trolley remains after a week, please contact us on 0191 278 7878 and ask for "Your Local Services." We will contact the relevant store and request that the trolley is removed.

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