Newcastle Independent Tenant Voice

Newcastle Independent Tenant Voice


Are you interested in helping to shape and influence the way we deliver housing policy and services without having to commit to regular meetings.

If you are a Council tenant or leaseholder, you can join our Tenant Influence Panel. We are looking to recruit tenants and leaseholders who would be willing to take part in one-off engagement activities. This might be, for example, a focus group, an online survey, giving your opinions over the telephone or through social media.  There is no commitment required. We will let you know of any future engagement activities, and you can decide if you want to take part.

Join our Tenant Influence Panel (TIP)

An open group with an important role in supporting tenants/leaseholders to help influence and to be actively involved in our consultation processes.  Helping us to fulfil our commitment, based on real customer experience.  We are committed to offering a flexible approach and   practical solutions to involving tenants/leaseholders in our engagement and we can support your involvement to suit your requirements.  You can choose how to connect with each other and share information regarding engagement activities, plan and explore training opportunities. Interested - please complete are short survey here:


Have your say on social housing in Newcastle

Allocations and Lettings consultation

Social housing is in high demand in Newcastle and we need manage it in a way that meets the needs of local residents.  We are thinking about making some changes to the way we allocate social housing in the city.  This includes changes to our succession policy for existing tenants.  Community involvement and public engagement is important to us and we want to know what you think about the proposed changes.

We also want to hear about your experience of applying for and moving into social housing in Newcastle and you can respond to this consultation here.

The consultation period runs from 20/9/2022 to 6/11/2022 and all responses will be considered and used to inform the way in which people apply for council housing in Newcastle.  If you would like to talk about this in more detail, please pop along to one of our drop-ins:  

-  Monday 10/10/2022, 1.00pm - 5.00pm @ West End Library, Condercum Road, NE4 9JH

-  Thursday 13/10/2022, 2.00pm - 6.00pm @ Kenton Library, Hillsview Avenue, NE3 3QJ

-  Monday 17/10/2022, 1.00pm - 4.00pm @ East End Library, 83 Shields Road, NE6 1DL

-  Thursday 20/10/2022, 1.00pm - 4.00pm @ City Library, 33 New Bridge Street, NE1 8AX

Below are the links to the draft policies and a summary of the proposed changes:

Draft Allocations and Lettings Policy

Draft Successions Policy

Summary of changes

Thank you for taking part - NITV Team


Council homes for victims of domestic abuse

Victims of domestic abuse will often flee from one Council area where they lived, to another for their safety. Councils already understand the special circumstances of victims of domestic abuse when they apply for a Council house and apply appropriate exceptions regarding whether they have a local connection to the area.   

The government is concerned that victims of domestic abuse are still being denied access to council homes because they have no local connection to the area where they wish to be re-housed.  The government are proposing to introduce laws to ensure Councils can no longer disqualify victims of domestic abuse from Council housing if they don’t have a local connection.  These laws will apply to all victims regardless of whether they are living in Council properties,  refuge accommodation for people fleeing abuse, private rented housing or homeowners. 

The government want to ensure that the application for re-housing relates to a need to move to a new area because of domestic abuse and would like Councils to work together to ensure changes do not create more demand for housing in areas where there is more refuge accommodation, the following options have been proposed: 

  • A time limit applies to the victim fleeing the abuse and making the housing application, although the government is concerned that placing a time limit does not consider the person’s individual circumstances.  
  • There must be a connection between the domestic abuse and the housing application in the new area.  

What will these changes mean for Newcastle? 

  • No changes for Newcastle as we are already operating with the view that a local connection is not required.   
  • Victims of domestic abuse in Newcastle could have improved access to Council homes in other areas.  

please have your say here:


Newcastle Independent Tenant Voice

Please view our latest Annual Report

What is it?

Newcastle Independent Tenant Voice (NITV) is a new and genuine conversation between tenants, leaseholders and the council on major issues of interest and concern to people living in Your Homes Newcastle (YHN) properties. Each of the 26,500 YHN tenant and leaseholders will be welcome and able to share their views on major policy changes using their independent voices.

How can you get involved?

There will be lots of opportunities for you to have your say on housing issues. We will use online surveys, social media, pop-up events and work with groups to understand your views. This is really important when policies that affect you - change.

Who is responsible for what?

Engaging tenants and leaseholders in operational housing matters is the responsibility of Your Homes Newcastle (YHN) who manage the Councils housing stock. Any issues concerning individuals or small groups of tenants and leaseholders such as repairs and maintenance, capital works, localised anti-social behaviour, rent and housing allocation queries should be reported directly to YHN through the website

The responsibility for strategic engagement lies with the Council’s Fairer Housing Unit (FHU).  Strategic engagement includes seeking the views of tenants and leaseholders on changes to the way properties are allocated, proposals to increase rents or other issues as a result of changes in legislation or policy.

The FHU will use NITV to engage and consult tenants and leaseholders when new national or local policies are going to change. They will also use NITV to actively listen to tenants and leaseholders through the Tenant Panel to influence and shape work that affects council housing in the City. Future engagement on strategic housing issues will be delivered by the Council’s Communities Team who can be contacted on

Tenant Panel

An important part of NITV is the Tenant Panel. This group will be made up of tenants and leaseholders from across Newcastle representing different ages and backgrounds. They will be responsible for interpreting the information gathered from all tenants and leaseholders and then presenting it to the FHU. The FHU will use this information to make their decisions which will be fed back to the Tenant Panel and those involved in the engagement process.

The Panel will also be able to shape how tenants and leaseholders across the city are engaged. This will include developing an engagement plan and a digital plan with the help and support of the Communities Team. The intention is that all work should be owned and shaped by tenants and leaseholders to allow them to make their independent voices heard.

If you are interested in learning more about the Tenant Panel or think you would like to join please email the Communities Team on:

What’s next?

Recruitment to the Tenant Panel is ongoing so get in touch if you would like to be involved.

You can also follow our Facebook page:

The Newcastle Independent Tenants Voice Fund

Newcastle City Council and Your Homes Newcastle recognise the need for tenants and leaseholders to be involved in making decisions about their homes and have identified a funding pot to support participation and involvement. The fund is provided through the Housing Revenue Account and enables local people to be central in developing and influencing housing policy and making decisions about what matters to them, their homes.  influencing housing policy and making decisions about what matters to them and their homes.

Who is the fund for?

The fund is open to all tenants and leaseholders living in a Your Homes Newcastle properties. Whether you are part of a locally managed community group or an individual that are looking to make a positive difference in their neighbourhood around housing issues.

The Purpose?

The fund has been designed to encourage tenants and leaseholders to participate and engage in housing policy and practice.

Anyone who wants to be involved in housing initiatives and to use their personal interest and creativity to be involved in decisions around housing issues can participate weather you are an individual or part of a group.

The fund is intended to engage as many local tenants and leaseholders as possible and provide opportunities through training and networking at a grass roots level while building up links and connections and strengthening bonds in communities.

How much is available?

There is £5,000 available that can be awarded to support tenants and leaseholders involvement in influencing decision makers around housing policy and services. If you meet the criteria you can apply for grants ranging between £50 - £500.

What are the funds available for?

• Support tenants and leaseholders to improve their housing knowledge and experience;

• Provide opportunities and resources for training and personal development;

• Help support representatives from neighbourhoods to revitalise their involvement in housing changes;

• Helping tenants and leaseholders to play a leading role in developing housing policy and practice;

• To help raise skill levels and increase housing knowledge so tenants and leaseholders can actively participate in the tenant’s voice panel;

• Training courses relevant to housing policy and practice;

• Attending conferences about housing policy and standards;

• Support with costs around transport, crèche and light refreshments;

For more information please contact the Communities Team on:

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