City Library Autism Friendly User Guide

City Library Autism Friendly User Guide

Welcome to Newcastle City Library.

The aim of this guide is to support children, young people and adults with autism in the access of the library and its services.

I can enter and exit the library on level 1.

City Library level 1 entrance

I can also enter and exit the library on level 2.

Sometimes in strong wind level 2 entrance may be closed but I can still always enter on level 1.

The doors will open automatically for me.

City Library level 2 entrance

There are stairs and glass lifts I can use to go to a different floor.

City Library lift

On level 1 is adult non-fiction books, computers and the shop.

On level 2 there are 15 minute use computers and a café.

On level 3 is the children’s area, computers and fiction for adults.

On level 4 there are computers and a gallery with books on display.

Level 5 is only for staff.

Level 6 is the heritage floor. Local history items and books are here.

I can find a sign like this on each floor. It will tell me where everything is.

City Library floor directory signage

This is one of the staff desks. There will be a desk like this on each floor.

City Library staff pod

Staff will wear a badge like this.

Sometimes I might not see a member of staff at the desk but if I wait here they will come to help me as soon as they can.

Sometimes there will be a queue at the desk so I will need to wait my turn.

City Library staff

Sometimes it might be noisy if there are lots of people.

This is the Calm Zone on level 3.

City Library calm zone

The staff can help me find a book that I want.

I can choose items to borrow from the library shelves and displays.

City Library children's bookshelves

The staff can help me issue the library items to my account and return my items at the desk.

The staff member will issue the items to my account and give me a slip of paper to tell me when my items are due back

I can also use the self-issue machines which are on level 1 and level 2.

City Library self issue machine

I can use a computer while I’m at the library.

The staff can reserve me a computer to use when one is available.

City Library public computers

  • There are also toilets that I can use when I’m at the library.
  • The toilets are on every floor and can be used by anyone visiting the library.
  • I can try different times and different library branches to see which suits me best.
  • We hope you enjoy your visit to Newcastle City Library and we look forward to seeing you again.
  • If there’s anything that would make your visit more enjoyable the staff would love to hear it.

Did you know?

There is a Calm Zone on Level 3 of City Library

City Library

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