Licensing Act 2003 - Statement of Licensing Policy

Licensing Act 2003 - Statement of Licensing Policy

Licensing Authorities must publish a statement of licensing policy every five years, which sets out how they intend to exercise their functions.

Newcastle City Council Licensing Authority's  Statement of Licensing Policy came into effect on 1st November 2023 and will be effective until 2028.

Newcastle City Council Statement of Licensing Policy 2023 - 2028

Key changes to the most recent policy reflect

  • An evidence based review of the Cumulative Impact Area and Special Stress Area

  • New premises categorisations 

  • A framework of hours to cover the city centre and the outer wards

  • Expansion of policy initiatives in respect of safeguarding

  • Best Practice Guidance (Newcastle Licensing Charter) for Licensed Premises on the management of licensed premises

  • A strengthening of the position on environmental issues, staff transport and promotor led events

The policy also has supplemental protocols which provide guidance on:

  • Licensed Premises Drugs (including spiking) Protocol

  • Newcastle Licensing Charter (Best practice) Protocol

  • Environmental Best Practice

  • Mandatory conditions and other relevant legislation

  • Promoter Protocol