Taxi licensing: Locality test guidance

Taxi licensing: Locality test guidance

Hackney carriage and dual licence applicants are required to pass a locality test in order to gain their licence.

The following guidance is to assist applicants in their preparation for this test.

Why we have a locality test

The test is designed to establish that, prior to obtaining a licence, applicants have sufficient knowledge of the locality, and of their responsibilities, to operate effectively.

What the locality test involves

There are two parts to our locality test, both of which are conducted verbally (Not written)

  1. In part one you will be asked various routes between any two given locations around the city.

    All routes will be within the city of Newcastle upon Tyne boundaries.

    You will be expected to determine and describe the shortest possible route in distance between these two locations, and to name each road or street travelled on that route.

  2. In part two you will be asked where various places are in the city.

    This may include:
  • Churches
  • Civic buildings and places of interest
  • Culture, leisure and sports facilities
  • Customer service centres
  • Halls of residence
  • Hospitals and medical centres
  • Hotels
  • Libraries
  • Nightclubs and other licensed premises
  • Police stations
  • Pubs / bars
  • Restaurants
  • Social clubs
  • Supermarkets and shopping centres


The licence fee must be paid prior to booking a locality test.

If you fail to attend or do not pass the test a further non-refundable fee of £24 is payable for any subsequent tests.

Changing your test date

If you wish to cancel or change your test date you must give at least three working days’ notice.

If you fail to give three working days’ notice you will be charged for the replacement test.

If you have any queries with your test booking please contact the licensing administration team on 0191 2783864.

Where the tests take place

Locality tests are held at the Newcastle City Council licensing office, Unit 2, Wincomblee Road, Newcastle upon Tyne, NE6 3PF.

On the day of the test

You must arrive for your test 10 minutes before your booked test time and report to the reception.

You must have a current DVLA driving licence with you and this must be produced at the time of test.