Major Incident Permit - Terms and Conditions of Use

Major Incident Permit - Terms and Conditions of Use

Parking permits issued by Newcastle City Council are issued subject to terms and conditions of use, which permits holders should ensure that they are familiar with.

Should you have any queries in regards to using your parking permit please contact

Terms and Conditions

1. Permits may be used to park in car parks in response to a major incident being declared.
2. Permits showing a registration number may only be used on the vehicle with that number.
3. If a physical permit has been issued, the permit must be displayed prominently on the dashboard/front windscreen of the vehicle so that all of the particulars on it are visible from the outside of the vehicle.
4. Whilst the vehicle is in the parking place it must not be used in conjunction with selling or offering for hire of any service.
5. Physical permits will only be issued through the post to the address submitted on the application.
6. Permits shall be returned to Newcastle Parking Services once the major incident has been resolved.
7. Misuse of a permit; forging or possessing a forged permit or making a false statement for the issue of a permit are all offences.
8. This permit does not guarantee the holder a space or an exclusive right to a space, nor does it render the Council subject to any liability in respect of theft, or damage to any vehicle in a parking place, or the contents or fittings of any such vehicle.

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