Cycle Storage Terms & Conditions

Cycle Storage Terms & Conditions

  1. A £15.00 deposit is required to use the cycle storage cages and this is only refundable if the fob is returned to Newcastle City Council Parking Services. If the fob is lost or stolen you will be required to make a further £15.00 deposit should you wish to continue using the cycle cages. 

  2. Photographic ID will be required upon collection of the fob.

  3. The cycles/ motorcycles are left at your own risk and Newcastle City Council can accept no liability.

  4. Our car parks closing times are listed on the tariff boards. It is your responsibility to be aware of the closing time before leaving your cycle/ motorcycle. 

  5. Payment of the deposit is by card/ online payment only, we cannot accept cash payments.

  6. After you have paid your deposit, Parking Services will contact you to arrange collection of your fob.

  7. It is your responsibility to keep your fob with you when entering the cage as the door will lock behind you.

  8. After you leave the cage you must ensure the gate closes behind you. If not, please use your fob to manually close it.