Supplementary Parking Scratchcards for Landlords

Supplementary Parking Scratchcards for Landlords

Scratchcards have been introduced in permit parking schemes to allow landlords to visit the properties they own and maintain or to support viewings of propertiesThese scratchcards can also be used by letting/property management agents acting on behalf of a property owner/landlord or could be an option for a tradesman engaged by a landlord to work on a property.

Landlord scratchcards are allocated to those persons owning but not residing in a property within the boundaries of a permit parking scheme.  They have been introduced so that landlords can visit their premises to carry out necessary repairs and safety checks.

Details will be scratched off to show the relevant date and the permit zone and vehicle registration number are displayed.

What coverage does a Landlord scratchcard provide?

This type of scratchcard provides coverage for a whole day up until midnight of the date indicated on the scratchcard.


  • £20 for the first book of 10 full day permits
  • £40 for the second book of 10 full day permits
  • £80 for the third book of 10 full day permits


The first book of 10 full day permits are issued free of charge for landlords who are accredited with Newcastle City Council via the Fairer Housing Unit.  To qualify for this discount please quote an address of an accredited property that will be checked against the list published here - Accredited Properties - Private Rented Services Newcastle and provide a supporting document for this address.

How to apply

Applications for permits or scratchcards will need to be submitted online or by post. Please allow 14 days for your application to be processed.

  • Apply online (online form) - we will assess your application and respond by email.
  • Download and complete an Application Form (pdf, 127kb)
  • Landlords must provide evidence that they own a property within the parking permit scheme, for example: Legal documentation validating the ownership of a dwelling (e.g. mortgage statement), or Legal documentation validating a Management Agency is legally responsible for a dwelling (e.g. contract)

How do I pay for supplementary scratchcards?

If you have received an offer for supplementary scratchcards, payment can be made below.


Pay for Supplementary Scratchcards


How many scratchcards can I apply for?

The maximum allocation for landlord scratchcards is fixed at 30 in a rolling 12 month period. Scratchcard allocation is not based on the number of properties owned or managed. Applicants may apply for scratchcards for differing zones where proof of property ownership has been provided to support the application.
Information regarding how your personal data may be collected, processed, shared and retained following your application for scratch cards can be found here.

Who do I contact if I have a query?

If you have any general queries please email or ring us on 0191 2772728 Monday to Friday between 8.30am and 3.30pm.