Blue Badges for organisations

Blue Badges for organisations

An organisation that cares for and transports groups of disabled people who would qualify for a Blue Badge in their own right may apply for an Organisational Blue Badge.

The organisation should be using a vehicle specially adapted for the use of disabled passengers; provide details of the adaptations and if the vehicle is licensed under the Disabled Passenger Vehicle (DPV) taxation class and confirm that the vehicle is solely being used for the purpose of transporting the disabled people being cared for.

The organisation should also confirm the number of qualifying disabled people and if too few people who meet the eligibility criteria are being transported the disabled people would apply for their own badge rather than for a badge issued to an organisation.

If you believe that your organisation meets the necessary criteria please complete the online application

The organisational badge is issued to the organisation or department rather than to an individual employee and employees are reminded that the badge must only be used for transporting disabled people who meet the eligibility criteria.  If the badge is used when there are no eligible passengers in the vehicle a fine of up to £1,000 can be imposed.  Please see the attached booklet which lists the rights and responsibilities of organisations that have an organisation blue badge.

If your organisational blue badge is lost or stolen you will need to apply for a replacement using this application form