Street lighting

We're responsible for street lighting within Newcastle upon Tyne.

From February 2019 we will be upgrading street lights across the city.

It’s part of an £8m improvement scheme which will ensure we have modern, cost efficient street lighting that will last well into the future and bring our lighting up to date.


What are the benefits of this?

We’ll be using newer LED lighting which uses less energy, so it’s cheaper to run and kinder to the environment.

When the work is completed, the new lights will use 60 per cent less energy across the city, providing savings of more than £1 million a year.

The new light will also cause less light pollution and mean we’ll be able to set lighting levels depending on the type of road and traffic volumes.

We’ll have consistent lighting levels in all residential areas and, because the new lighting is whiter, you’ll be able to see and recognise things such as different colours more easily.


How will the work be carried out?

SSE will be carrying out the work on our behalf.

This will involve replacing the light on top of each lamp post with the new LED lighting.

The lamp post itself won’t need to be removed or replaced and the work will be done one light at a time.


Will there be disruption?

SSE have already completed similar street lighting renewal projects in other parts of the North East.

They’ve planned the work programme in Newcastle based on their experience of having worked on other projects in order to minimise disruption.

Because the lights will be replaced one at a time, turning the energy supply off as work moves from one lamp post to the next, it means we won’t have to turn off all the lights on the street together.


When will the street lights be changed in my street?

Work will start in February 2019 and the whole project will take two years.

We’ll be starting work in the Denton and Denton Burn areas, at the top of West Road, and will work along that road towards the city centre.

This initial part of the work will include the streets leading off either side of West Road.

After that work will move on to other areas, following a programme of work developed by SSE. This will take into account issues such as the location of any road works and is aimed at ensuring the lighting upgrades are carried out as efficiently as possible.


How do I report street lighting issues?

To report a problem with a street light, please contact our partners SSE Enterprise.


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