Problems with Noise and ASB

Problems with Noise and ASB

We believe everyone deserves to live a quite life free from harassment, excessive noise and ASB.

Anti-social behaviour (ASB) in your community can make life miserable. ASB unacceptable behaviour that comes in many forms – such as noise, abusive behaviour, littering, or illegal drug taking – and does not need to be tolerated.

This page will help you understand what you can do if you are experiencing problems in and around the home you live in.

If you have been the victim of crime 

What is Antisocial behaviour (ASB) ? 

What is noise nuisance ?

How to report anti-social behaviour and noise nuisance 

What is Operation Oak? 

How to report an incident 


If you have been the victim of crime

If you've been a victim of crime you should report this to the police on 101, or 999 if it's an emergency.

What is antisocial behaviour (ASB) and noise nuisance

We are determined to help you lead a peaceful life, free from any harassment and distress caused by a minority of antisocial people.


We can investigate antisocial behaviour caused by known individuals, with incidents such as:

  • abuse, intimidation or harassment
  • threats or use of violence
  • vehicle related nuisance
  • repeated abusive language or behaviour;
  • significantly overgrown gardens and refuse accumulation

If you’re experiencing antisocial behaviour, you could try and talk to the person responsible. They may not realise their actions are affecting you. Only do this if you feel safe and comfortable.

If you are not able to resolve the problem by speaking to the person, you can report it to us.  If you are a tenant of a registered housing provider, please contact them directly or if you do not live in Newcastle please contact the council you pay council tax to.

We deal with complaints from Newcastle homeowners and private tenants, quickly dealing with troublemakers and using a range of solutions to protect our most vulnerable residents from harm. In most cases we will resolve reports informally and without the need to use any legal powers, however there are a range of powers available if required.

    You can view our ASB policy ASB Policy 2022.pdf

    What is noise nuisance

    One of the most common issues problems experienced by residents is noise nuisance. We all make noise in some way whether it be vacuuming or carrying out DIY in our home however the noise we make can affect those people around us. Someone may not think they are being noisy, but what may not seem noisy to one person can greatly distress someone else, especially if this is during quiet times such as through the night. Excessive noise can cause sleepless nights, irritation and stress and can often lead to conflict with neighbours and communities.

    Types of noise nuisance

    • neighbours' music systems, radios or televisions
    • noisy parties
    • misfiring intruder or fire alarms
    • construction and demolition including DIY
    • barking dogs

    What we are unable to deal with

    • actions that we are likely to consider to be normal everyday activities or household noise such as doors closing, talking, creaky floorboards.
    • child noise
    • children playing ball games
    • actions which amount to people generally being unpleasant to each other;
    • legally parked vehicles;
    • problems caused by your neighbour's pets, not including dangerous or barking dogs  


    How to report anti-social behaviour and noise nuisance

    If you are experiencing anti-social behaviour or noise nuisance and would like this to be investigated, please complete the online reporting form 

    Please click here for further information on non-domestic related noise nuisance.


    What is Operation Oak?

    Operation Oak is a police-led initiative funded by Northumbria and Newcastle Universities. It is a dedicated resource which carries out high-visibility patrols in residential areas that are heavily populated by students, such as Jesmond, Heaton, Sandyford, Shieldfield and Ouseburn.

    The operation is aimed at tackling student-related antisocial behaviour and/or disorder along with addressing any vulnerabilities or safeguarding concerns and offering crime prevention advice.

    Operation Oak currently operates on Wednesday, Friday and Saturday nights from 22.00 – 04.00 hours.

    How to report an incident

    In the case of an Emergency you should always call 999.

    If you feel there is a serious problem, please contact Northumbria Police by calling 101 or using the Northumbria Police online reporting tool. Any incidents which are reported via 101 will be directed immediately to Operation Oak officers on nights when the patrol is in operation.

    You can report less serious incidents via the Police Online form here.

    Regardless of whether you live within the area of operation oak or not, if you are regularly suffering noise nuisance or anti-social behaviour Newcastle City Council can investigate and take any appropriate action (add link to the noise/asb reporting webform)


    Need more information?

    Report ASB or noise online

    For further information, please contact Public Safety and Regulation, City of Newcastle upon Tyne, Civic Centre, Newcastle upon Tyne, NE1 8QH.

    Phone: 0191 2787878


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