Covid-19: What is the Covid Compliant Assurance Scheme?

Covid-19: What is the Covid Compliant Assurance Scheme?

We recognise the lockdown has had a major impact and consumer confidence has been affected.

Businesses have already spent time, effort and money on making their premises as safe as possible for both their customers and staff, but the pandemic has not ended, and there is a reluctance among some consumers to return to our shops and venues.

Our Covid Compliant Assurance Scheme will help reassure the public that establishments have in place all reasonable measures and controls to safeguard visitors and staff.

How do I apply?

To apply complete the online assessment here.

Who can apply?

Any business within the Newcastle City Council local authority boundary.

How do I qualify?

You must be able to demonstrate that you have designed and implemented control measures in your business to keep your staff and customers safe.

Where you have more than five employees, you must have recorded your risk assessment and the control measures you have put in place including those required by legislation, working safely and any applicable industry guidance.

How much does this cost?

The scheme is completely free for businesses – there is no charge to apply

What supporting information will I need?

You will be asked to support your application by uploading evidence including documents and photographs to demonstrate you have put the controls in place to ensure you offer a Covid Compliant venue.

As a minimum you must upload your Covid-19 safe risk assessment or, if you have less than five employees, a description of the actions you have taken to keep your staff and customers safe.

How do you complete a risk assessment?

For advice on completion of your risk assessment including matters to be assessed when doing so,  the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) has published extensive guidance which can be accessed here.

How will applications be assessed?

You will be assessed against the standards set out in the Covid-19 Secure Working Safely Guidelines for your business sector together with applicable legislative and industry standards.

The Working Safely Guidance for your business sector can be accessed here.

How will this help consumer confidence?

Successful businesses will be provided with a sticker to display to show that they have been recognised by environmental health officers as being Covid compliant, so customers and clients can be confident that their safety and protection is being taken seriously.

The scheme will be promoted on social media, with details of successful businesses made available via the council website, so that residents can find that information and be reassured before they leave their home.

How will ongoing compliance be monitored?

Unannounced visits will be undertaken to assess compliance with the control measures you have put in your risk assessment.

Are there terms and conditions?

In order to complete your application, we ask you to agree to our terms and conditions.

Details can be found here, and we would suggest that you save a copy for your own records.

What if I have further questions?

Please see our Frequently Asked Questions page here for more detailed guidance.