Pharmacy Services

Pharmacy Services

Pharmaceutical Needs Assessment (PNA) 2018

There are 65 pharmacies in Newcastle providing services to approximately 298,2503 people who live, study and work in the city as well as those who visit Newcastle. Across England, pharmacy as a resource is well used with over 438 million visits made annually to a national network of 11,400 community pharmacies (compared to GPs 320 million visits).

As well as simply providing useful information about community pharmacy in the city, there are two main purposes of the PNA: 

  • Informing NHS England decisions on the required location and number of pharmacies in Newcastle - The PNA is a strategic commissioning document and will be used to identify gaps in services which could be filled by market entry. 
  • Informing Commissioning Decisions by a range of Primary Care Organisations (PCOs) - This PNA describes the health needs of the population and the pharmaceutical services which are in place, or could be commissioned to meet identified health needs. 

The PNA includes information on:

  • pharmacies in Newcastle and which services they provide, including dispensing, providing advice on health, medicines reviews and local public health services, such as smoking cessation, sexual health and support for drug users.
  • any other local pharmaceutical services, including dispensing appliance contractors (DAC).
  • Relevant maps relating to Newcastle and providers of pharmaceutical services in the HWB area.
  • Services in neighbouring HWB areas that may affect the need for services in Newcastle.
  • Potential gaps in provision that could be met by providing more pharmacy services, or through opening more pharmacies, and likely future needs.
  • In order to inform the PNA, the Health and Wellbeing Board established a steering group. The group undertook surveys and sought information from pharmacies as well as NHS England. The local authority and Newcastle Gateshead Clinical Commissioning Group also provided information.

Responsibility for use of PNAs as the basis for determining market entry to a pharmaceutical list rests with NHS England as of 1 April 2013. In December 2016 amendments to the Pharmaceutical Regulations have facilitated community pharmacy mergers from multiple sites to a single existing site. For any applications NHS England will consult with the Wellbeing for Life Board for Newcastle.

The PNA concluded that there are some gaps in pharmaceutical services. A 60 day statutory consultation was under taken and the responses were used to inform the final conclusions published.  The The Wellbeing for Life Board are required to published the next revised PNA in April 2021.  If there are any changes to pharmaceutical services before this, supplementary documents may be attached to this page.  These then become part of the PNA. 

More detailed information can be found in Appendix 6 – “What is a pharmaceutical needs assessment?”. This section describes further the legislation, aims and utilisation of PNAs. 

If you would like to report any changes to pharmaceutical services in the Newcastle area then please email

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