The Connectivity Hub

Our ambition is for Newcastle to be seen as the most attractive place to deploy connectivity and innovation. We recognise the value of being better connected and the improved outcomes that this offers for residents and businesses. We want to work collaboratively with suppliers to ensure that there are no barriers to working in Newcastle. We’ve created the “Connectivity Hub” as a platform for you to access the information, data, maps and contacts that you need to be able to work efficiently and effectively.


Newcastle Smart Streets

Here's a short video showing how Connexin in partnership with Cisco, has installed multiple sensors and cameras to make Mosley Street the smartest street in the UK.

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    Our Aim

    Newcastle is a city that faces forward, embracing change. Its powered by people and inspired by fresh ideas. For us, technology is all about possibilities. It’s about reaching higher, every time. Our passion for a digital revolution is driven by all we know we can deliver.

Further Information

Listen to how City Fibre are helping us to achieve our ambition of being a smart city.