Apply for a Tower Cranes licence

Apply for a Tower Cranes licence

Notes for applicants

These notes are to clarify the procedures for a licence application. The application form will clearly state what we require from yourself and what you can expect from Newcastle City Council.

Newcastle City Council has a duty of care as a Highway Authority to ensure that a licence is provided for all tower cranes that meet the criteria. In order to carry out this duty we need to take all reasonable steps to ensure that the delivery, use, construction and dismantling of the crane on the site or adjacent to the highway is carried out in a safe manner and without risk to any highway users. We can only reasonably be expected to act on this when these are notified to ourselves.

The duties and responsibilities in law rest primarily with the Principal or Main Contractor, carriage company and the operative.

What is required?

  • If the tower crane is to be erected within the development boundaries and the over sail is not over the adopted highway then you do not need a licence
  • If however the tower crane is within the development boundaries and does not over sail but you need to have a mobile crane to erect the tower crane then you need a mobile crane licence
  • If your over sail is over council owned land then you will need to contact the Property Systems Team (

You will have to consider the transportation of any tower cranes and accessibility to sites - these may require a road to be closed or permission for a abnormal load within Newcastle City. This should be discussed with our Traffic Management Section and further charges may apply in addition to the licence charges.

This licence is to allow a crane to oversail the public highway and it does not take away the responsibility for the Developer/Contractor to seek approval for oversailing private property. Evidence will be required that the Developer/Contractor has informed residents that their property will be over sailed by the crane jib.

The responsibility for all health and safety on site rests with the principal main contractor. This also relates to public safety and to ensure compliance with the Lifting Operations and Lifting Equipment Regulations (LOLER).

The Licensee shall maintain full comprehensive public liability and employer liability insurance in the sum of not less than fifteen million pounds (£15,000,000.00) for any one occurrence or series of occurrences arising out of one event against liability to any person arising from the erection, operation, maintenance, dismantling, transportation and removal of the Cranes or exercise of the rights granted by this License ("Third Party Insurance").

Our Streetworks Inspector will visit the site and assess accessibility once the application form has been received.

Apply for a licence

Tower Cranes licence

When the application is submitted it will take approximately one month for completion and signature. If a road closure is required this may lengthen the process

The cost of the licence is £1,285.21 for a new licence and £250 for a extension to a existing licence

The Information you have to provide includes:

  • Completed application form
  • Sketch of proposed traffic management 
  • Site location plan
  • Public Liability Insurance of £15 million and Employers Liability of £15 million
  • Details of parking suspensions
  • Payment

The work is inspected by the Highway Control Officer who will discuss any problems with the applicant.

Applications can be processed in four working weeks. The application once submitted will give details of unloading, transportation and any potential obstructions in relation to erection of the crane.

The licence will be provided once the dates for carrying out the work have been confirmed and the fee is paid.

You may have to give up to three months advance notice of the work depending on its duration and impact on traffic.

The licence time is limited, any extension will incur further legal and administrative costs.

If you require any additional information, please email


Address: Newcastle City Council, Place Directorate, Transport, Unit 6 Wincomblee Road, Newcastle upon Tyne, NE6 3PF
Phone: 0191 211 6403

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