Ward, road and pavement conditions

Ward, road and pavement conditions

The condition of the roads and pavements is determined from condition surveys carried out by Ginger Lehmann, an independent and nationally accredited Highway Survey Company.

The detail from the surveys are categorised, processed and summarised and then used as part of the decision making process for the selection of future maintenance schemes.

Condition surveys are carried out by Accredited Inspectors on a third of the City’s Roads and Pavements each year. Therefore the data displayed on the following plans may be up to 3 years old. Each year’s surveys are spread throughout the City so each Ward plan will show data of differing age within this range. Surveys are of a coarse nature and not intended to give an exact representation of localised areas but are a guide as to overall condition and where further investigation may be required by Council Officers.


Arthurs Hill pavements (5.1 mb) Arthurs Hill roads (5.3mb)

Benwell and Scotswood pavements (6.4 mb)

Benwell and Scotswood roads (7.2 mb)

Blakelaw Pavements (7.8 mb)

Blakelaw Roads (5.13 mb)

Byker pavements (6.5 mb)

Byker roads (6.99 mb)

Callerton and Throckely ward Throckely area pavements (4.1mb)

Callerton and Throckley ward Throckley area roads (5.1mb)

Callerton and Throckley pavements (4.8 mb)

Callerton and Throckley roads (4.5 mb)

Castle Pavements North (2.34 mb)

Castle Roads North (3.1 mb)

Castle Pavements South (3.9mb)

Castle Roads South (3.8mb)

Chapel pavements (4.8mb) Chapel roads (4.1 mb)

Dene and South Gosforth pavements (7.3mb)

Dene and South Gosforth Road (8mb)

Denton and Westerhope pavements (6.9 mb)

Denton and Westerhope roads (7.2mb)

Elswick pavements (8 mb)

Elswick roads  (4.3mb)

Fawdon and West Gosforth pavements (6.8 mb)

Fawdon and West Gosforth roads  (7.3 mb)

Gosforth pavements (7 mb)

Gosforth Roads (4.2 mb)

Heaton pavements (5.4 mb) Heaton Roads (5.9mb)

Kenton Pavements (5.6 mb)

Kenton Roads (5.6 mb)

Kingston Park South and Newbiggin Hall pavements (6 mb) Kingston Park South and Newbiggin Hall roads (6.5 mb)

Lemington pavements (7.3 mb)

Lemington roads (4.5 mb)

Manor Park pavements (5.9  mb)

Manor Park roads (6.5mb)

Monument pavements (5 mb)

Monument roads (5.8mb)

North Jesmond pavements (5.3 mb)

North Jesmond Roads (5.6 mb)

Ouseburn pavements (6.9 mb)

Ouseburn roads  (7.1 mb)

Parklands pavements (6.1 mb)

Parklands roads (6.9 mb)

South Jesmond pavements (6.4 mb)

South Jesmond roads (6.8 mb)

Walker pavements (5.5 mb)

Walker roads (5.9 mb)

Walkergate pavements (7.2 mb)

Walkergate roads (4.6 mb)

West Fenham pavements (7.4 mb)

West Fenham Roads (4.4 mb)

Wingrove pavements (6.9mb)

Wingrove roads (5.2 mb)


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