Pay for a Streetworks Fixed Penalty Notice

Pay for a Streetworks Fixed Penalty Notice

The fixed penalty notice scheme was introduced by section 41 of the Traffic Management Act 2004, which inserted section 95A and schedules 4A and 4B into the New Roads and Streetworks Act 1991 (NRSWA). It provides for certain offences, under Part 3 of NRSWA, to become fixed penalty offences.

The objectives of the fixed penalty notice system are to:

  • encourage accurate and timely notice data;
  • improve the co-ordination of works;
  • improve data quality for all works promoters; and
  • contribute to the aim of the Traffic Management Act 2004 – minimising disruption arising from road and street works.

Fixed penalty notices:

  • apply to all undertakers, whether statutory undertakers or licensees under section 50 of NRSWA;
  • may be given only for the street, or section of street, in which the works take place; and
  • cannot be given for street authority works for road purposes.

Part 3 of NRSWA details a range of statutory duties and obligations and the offences associated with failing to comply with them. All of these can be prosecuted in the magistrates’ court. It is for the street authority of the road concerned to take action for offences.

To make payment of a fixed penalty notice, please complete this online form.


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