Road Safety Training

Road Safety Training

Assemblies and Lessons

Assemblies and individual lessons are delivered by the Road Safety Team as required. Typical sessions include national campaigns such as 'Be Safe Be Seen' and 'Walk to School Week'.

Early Years Road Safety Training

Introduction of basic road safety messages such as holding hands, crossing roads, safer places to play and information regarding car seats. We deliver these to children in Nursery, Reception, Year 1 and Year 2 classes.


SafetyWorks! is an interactive safety centre based in west Newcastle. It is managed by Tyne and Wear Fire and Rescue Service, it provides realistic, interactive educational experiences for young people and community groups to learn how to avoid danger and to live safely. Visitors are reminded that road safety is for everyone from small children to older people and we all use it every day. Depending on the age and the needs of the group topics such as safe places to cross, planning your route, cycling safely and driving safely can be covered. Visits to the interactive safety centre can be arranged via SafetyWorks!

Ghost Street

An award winning short film aimed at older children to raise awareness of road safety issues. The film provokes debate and encourages young people to consider the consequences of the choices they make when they are out and about.


Pedestrian Training

Smart Walker (child pedestrian training)

A bespoke training package for a school, which includes transport choices, safer crossing places, identifying risk and independent travel. This training programme helps pupils develop their pedestrian safety skills in advance of moving to their next school. It is typically delivered Year 4 moving to Middle School, Year 6 moving to Secondary School and Year 8 pupils moving to High School.


Scooter Training

Smart Scoot (child scooter training)

A scooter training programme for pupils in Year 3 to help children develop their scooter skills and stay safer when out scooting.


For more information on Road Safety Training and how to book, please contact or 0191 211 5962.


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