Collaborative working

Collaborative working

NCC will ensure as far as reasonably possible to undertake works in the same manner as a Utility Company and follow all legislation and Codes of Practice relevant to the works. Works Noticing will be undertaken as per requirements of the NRSWA and TMA and will submit Performance Scorecards to the Department for Transport on a quarterly basis. NCC will as far as reasonably possible seek and promote parity between all works promoters.

Consecutive works should be avoided, where ever possible collaborative working should be undertaken to enable multiple works promoters to work in the same/similar location at the same time to reduce the overall programme of separate works.

If consecutive works are unavoidable, parties should work together and arrange joint communications with those affected explaining the reasons for this and endeavour to provide a joint programme. NCC will proactively work with all works promoters who wish to explore the possibility of site sharing and identify at the outset the responsibilities each party will undertake.

Works promoters and Newcastle City Council would encourage that all those working on the highway network look at potential ways of reducing occupancy, this may be through collaborative working which may necessitate changes to notice dates. NCC and works promoters will use the quarterly Coordination Schedule and as an initial point for discussions about sites where this can be achieved

The use of Forward Planning Information Notices will also assist in the early identification of possible site sharing opportunities.

NCC have concerns about the amount of major planned works being undertaken across city. This is resulting in significant lengths of excavations being open at a time by a number of utilities in relatively small areas. Therefore, NCC would welcome a discussion with the Utility from the outset when there it is planned to have more than 200 metres of open excavation. NCC will support the use and trialling of alternative reinstatement materials to assist in meeting these targets.

Newcastle Code of Conduct aims to provide a focus on developing and trialling innovative products and practices. Innovation in street works and road works is finding better, quicker, safer and more cost effective ways of working that will have a positive impact on congestion, safety and the environment. All works promoters should also actively look to innovate in order to continuously improve;

  • Impact of works
  • Duration of works
  • Safety
  • Quality