Inspection compliance

NCC will endeavour to work closely with all works promoters to ensure the compliance of reinstatement works.

Joint highway and utility audits will be carried out where possible on works and the information collated will be used to measure the code’s effectiveness and spread good practice amongst all works promoters.

The required timescales for the management of utility reinstatement or signing, lighting & guarding defects is dealt with very clearly in the New Roads and Street Works Code of Practice for Inspections.  

Responses to utility section 81 is required to be dealt with according to HAUC Advice Note No. 2012/02 but at all times should be proportionate to the position of the apparatus. Loose iron work in a residential area that is not deemed unsafe but is hit by every passing vehicle should be given priority owing to the environmental (noise) impact on the surrounding residents. This will be made clear on any section 81 notifications sent to the utilities. NCC will endeavour to mark the apparatus clearly in order to aid the utility concerned when carrying out their inspections.

It is imperative that signing lighting and guarding is regularly checked by the work promoter throughout the life of a site. These checks must be made regardless of whether a site is attended or unattended. Guidance on the frequency of such checks is given in: Safety at Street Works and Road Works, A Code of Practice – October 2013.

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