Seasonal Restrictions

In Newcastle we are conscious that we need to be sensitive to times of the year such as Christmas when we need to avoid any disruption and as such we have restricted working for any utility or council own works on particular streets. This restriction operates from Friday 8th November 2019 to Sunday 5th January 2020 to allow for sales period however, this does not apply to urgent works. The map and list provided below outlines the areas and streets affected in the city, these documents are revised and distributed at the Quarterly Co-ordination meetings.


Map of areas affected

List of streets affected


All local authority and works promoters should be aware of the needs of the business community and the effects Streetworks and Roadworks can have on them. In advance of works taking place, any known businesses and residents that are likely to be affected should be notified and advised of the need to carry out the works, the expected duration, the likely impact and appropriate contact details should they wish to make contact before, during or after works have taken place.

As Newcastle has a seasonal restricted period, all works promoters should be aware of the sensitivity of carrying out works at certain times of the year that may have a detrimental impact on local business; typically this would be the Christmas period. Other tourist attractions have seasonal peaks during school holiday periods and should be considered when planning works. NCC can assist in planning works around business needs through its contacts with key business stakeholders.

To discuss any works during this period, please contact the relevant Highway Control Assistant.


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