Streetworks Permit Requests

Early Starts

Where a promoter cannot adhere to the minimum application period, the Permit Authority and any other interested party will consider applications where mitigating circumstances justify this.  Permission to allow a promoter to submit such an application is solely at the discretion of the Permit Authority and any other interested party where applicable but will not be unreasonably withheld.

Where an application is granted, thereby providing such permission, it will be recorded by the Permit Authority, where permission is not granted, the application will be refused.

An early start must be requested when applying for the PAA or the permit as this will allow the Permit Authority and any other interested party to make a full and informed decision as to the facts of the early start request with all details of the permit available. There will be no additional charges to the permit fee, however, where a variation application is made to request an early start after the permit has been granted or deemed, a variation charge will apply, therefore early engagement with the Permit Authority is encouraged.


Unforeseen circumstances can delay the completion of works, so the utility or work promoter may request an extension. A variation request can be submitted within the Permit and must include full justification for the extension. An email can also be sent to the permit team giving details of your permit number, location, new revised end date and any justification for this request. All extension requests will be investigated at the earliest convenience and a response sent to you.


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