Suspension of Parking

Suspension of Parking

Works promoters can request that a bay or a number of bays are reserved for their use or suspended. This stops people from parking in those bays leaving them free for works promoters to use, or to keep them empty. Please note that NCC may not be able to grant every request to reserve or suspend bays - we take into account the reason works promoters want to take bays out of public use, the impact it will have on other people and the availability of other options. It is recommended that works promoters liaise with the HCA’s throughout this process.

Depending on the circumstances we may hood the relevant meters or ticket machines off and cone and tape the appropriate area to stop other vehicles using the bays you have requested. If you wish to park vehicles in the bays we may also issue you with permits to display to prove that the correct vehicle is parked within the bay(s).

There are many reasons people apply to suspend parking bays, including:

  • To put a skip or building materials in them;
  • For safety reasons;
  • To keep a route clear.

To suspend or reserve parking places you can complete the online application using the link below:


Apply for a parking suspension


A suspension fee is charged for the reservation of any bay irrespective of whether there is a charge to park in them or not.

In regards to any Penalty Charge Notices (PCN) that a utility has been charged whilst working on the highway you will need to follow the instructions on how to appeal the PCN which can be found on the back of the physical ticket issued to the vehicle.


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