Temporary school closures

Temporary school closures

Our schools may sometimes have to close temporarily due to bad weather, loss of utility services (such as gas, electricity or water), industrial action or other emergencies.

When this happens, schools should tell parents directly.

If we have also been informed of any closures, details will be available below. However, while correct at the time it was published, this information may change.

If you have questions or concerns about your child’s school closing please check the school’s website or contact the school directly. 

Industrial action

When school staff strike it can be difficult to confirm exactly what impact this will have as:

·       any decision to strike is up to individuals

·       staff are not obliged to inform schools in advance if they will be at work

The NEU union has told us its members may be taking industrial action on Wednesday 5 July and Friday 7 July.

The schools that have told us they will be closed are listed below:

5 July and 7 July 

  • Bridgewater Primary School
  • Chillingham Road Primary School
  • Farne Primary School
  • Gosforth Park First School
  • Hadrian School
  • Knop Law Primary School
  • Milecastle Primary School
  • Sacred Heart Catholic High School - Closed 7 July only
  • Simonside Primary School
  • South Gosforth First School
  • St Cuthbert's High School
  • Throckley Primary School
  • Westerhope Primary School
  • Wingrove Primary School