School vacancy information

School vacancy information

How to use

  • Yes - On the date provided the school had vacancies in that year group
  • No - On the date provided the school didn't have vacancies in that year group
  • Blank - The school doesn't have a year group for children of that age range

 The below information should be used as a guide to which schools have vacancies. School places can change rapidly, this information is not a guarantee that a place would be available in the school for your child.

If more people apply to a school than there are places available, all applications are ranked against the oversubscription criteria for the school regardless of the date received. The place would be offered to the child who ranked highest on the list. Read the school's admission policy to understand how places are allocated.


Last Updated:  29 November 2023 

First Schools             
 Vacancy information on:YRY1Y2Y3Y4Y5Y6Y7Y8Y9Y10 Y11
Archbishop Runcie C of E First School17/11/2023YesNoNoNoNo       
Archibald First School20/11/2023NoNoNoNoNo       
Havannah First School17/11/2023NoNoNoNoYes       
Brunton First School27/11/2023NoNoNoNoNo       
Dinnington First School24/11/2023NoYesYesYesYes       
Gosforth Park First School20/11/2023YesNoNoNoNo       
Grange First School24/11/2023YesNoNoNoNo       
Regent Farm First School24/11/2023YesNoNoNoNo       
South Gosforth First School17/11/2023NoNoNoNoNo       
Primary Schools             
 Vacancy information on:YRY1Y2Y3Y4Y5Y6Y7Y8Y9Y10 Y11
Atkinson Road Primary Academy20/11/2023YesYesNoNoNoNoNo     
Beech Hill Primary School27/11/2023NoYesYesNoYesNoNo     
Benton Park Primary School23/11/2023NoNoNoNoNoNoNo     
Bridgewater Primary School23/11/2023NoYesYesNoNoYesNo     
Broadwood Primary School07/11/2023YesYesYesNoNoNoNo     
Byker Primary School28/11/2023YesNoNoYesNoNoYes     
Canning Street Primary School17/11/2023NoNoNoNoNoNoNo     
Central Walker C of E Controlled Primary Academy17/11/2023YesYesYesNoNoYesYes     
Cheviot Primary School17/11/2023YesYesYesYesYesYesYes     
Chillingham Road Primary School09/11/2023YesYesNoNoNoYesNo     
Christ Church CE Primary12/10/2023YesYesYesYesYesYesNo     
Cragside Primary School10/11/2023NoYesNoNoYesYesNo     
English Martyrs RC Primary School21/11/2023NoNoNoNoNoNoNo     
Excelsior Primary01/11/2023YesYesYesYesYesYesNo     
Farne Primary School11/10/2023YesNoNoNoNoNoNo     
Hawthorn Primary School27/11/2023YesYesNoNoNoNoYes     
Hilton Primary Academy17/11/2023YesYesNoNoYesYesNo     
Hotspur Primary School14/09/2023YesNoNoNoYesYesYes     
Kenton Bar Primary School22/11/2023YesYesYesNoYesYesYes     
Kingston Park Primary School28/11/2023YesNoNoNoYesYesYes     
Knop Law Primary School24/11/2023YesNoNoNoYesYesYes     
Lemington Riverside Primary School17/11/2023YesYesYesYesYesYesYes     
Milecastle Primary School24/11/2023YesNoNoNoNoYesYes     
Moorside Primary School27/10/2023YesYesNoNoYesNoYes     
Mountfield Primary School17/11/2023YesYesYesYesYesYesYes     
Newburn Manor Primary School20/10/2023NoNoYesNoYesNoNo     
North Fawdon Primary School06/11/2023YesYesNoYesYesYesYes     
Our Lady & St Anne's RC Primary School21/11/2023NoNoNoNoNoYesNo     
Ravenswood Primary School20/11/2023YesYesYesNoYesYesYes     
Sacred Heart RC Primary School24/11/2023NoNoNoNoNoNoNo     
Simonside Community Primary School20/11/2023YesYesYesYesYesYesYes     
St Alban's RC Primary School30/10/2023YesNoNoNoNoNoNo     
St Bede's RC Primary School19/10/2023NoNoNoNoNoNoNo     
St Catherine's Catholic Primary School17/11/2023YesYesYesYesYesYesNo     
St Charles' RC Primary School25/11/2023NoNoNoNoNoYesNo     
St Cuthbert's Catholic Primary School (Kenton)17/11/2023YesNoNoNoYesNoNo     
St Cuthbert's Catholic Primary School (Walbottle)17/11/2023YesNoNoNoNoNoNo     
St George's RC Primary School06/11/2023YesYesYesYesNoNoYes     
St John Vianney RC Primary School09/05/2023YesNoNoNoYesNoNo     
St John's Primary School17/11/2023NoYesNoYesYesNoNo     
St Joseph's Catholic Primary School17/11/2023YesNoNoNoNoNoNo     
St Lawrence's Catholic Primary School24/11/2023YesNoNoYesNoNoYes     
St Mark's RC Primary School17/11/2023YesYesNoNoYesYesNo     
St Michaels RC Primary School08/11/2023NoYesNoYesNoYesYes     
St Oswald's Catholic Primary School06/11/2023NoNoNoNoNoNoNo     
St Paul's CE Primary School05/10/2023YesNoNoNoYesYesNo     
St Teresa's Catholic Primary School20/11/2023NoNoNoNoNoNoNo     
St Vincent's RC Primary School17/11/2023YesNoNoNoNoNoNo     
Stocksfield Avenue Primary School27/11/2023NoNoNoNoNoNoNo     
Thomas Walling Primary School17/11/2023NoYesYesNoYesNoYes     
Throckley Primary School06/11/2023YesYesYesYesYesYesYes     
Tyneview Primary Academy17/11/2023NoNoNoNoNoNoNo     
Walbottle Village Primary School24/11/2023YesYesYesYesYesYesYes     
Walkergate Primary Academy17/11/2023YesNoYesYesYesYesYes     
Waverley Primary School24/11/2023YesYesYesYesYesYesYes     
Welbeck Academy23/11/2023NoNoYesNoYesYesYes     
West Denton Primary School20/11/2023YesNoYesYesNoYesNo     
West Jesmond Primary School23/11/2023NoNoNoNoYesYesYes     
West Walker Primary Academy17/11/2023YesYesNoYesYesYesYes     
Westerhope Primary School27/11/2023YesYesYesYesYesYesYes     
Westgate Hill Primary Academy22/11/2023NoYesNoNoYesYesYes     
Wingrove Primary School24/11/2023NoNoNoNoYesNoNo     
West Newcastle Academy13/10/2023YesYesNoNoNoNoNo     
Wyndham Primary School27/11/2023YesYesNoYesYesYesYes     
Middle Schools             
 Vacancy information on:YRY1Y2Y3Y4Y5Y6Y7Y8Y9Y10 Y11
Gosforth Central Middle School17/11/2023     NoNoNoNo   
Gosforth East Middle School17/11/2023     NoNoNoNo   
Gosforth Junior High Academy28/11/2023     NoNoNoNo   
Great Park Academy05/10/2023     NoNoNo    
Secondary Schools             
 Vacancy information on:YRY1Y2Y3Y4Y5Y6Y7Y8Y9Y10 Y11
Benfield School24/10/2023       YesYesNoNoYes
Callerton Academy16/10/2023       NoNoNo  
Excelsior Academy01/11/2023       NoNoYesYesYes
Jesmond Park Academy27/11/2023       NoNoNoNoNo
Kenton School20/11/2023       NoNoNoNoNo
Sacred Heart RC High School09/10/2023       NoNoNoNoNo
St Cuthbert's RC High School20/11/2023       NoNoNoNoNo
St Mary's Catholic School20/11/2023       NoNoNoNoNo
Studio West School16/10/2023       NoNoNoNoYes
Walbottle Academy26/10/2023       NoYesYesNoYes
Walker Riverside Academy24/11/2023       NoNoYesNoNo
High Schools             
  YRY1Y2Y3Y4Y5Y6Y7Y8Y9Y10 Y11
Gosforth High Academy17/11/2023         NoNoNo