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Section 251 Budget Statements

Section 251 Budget Statements

Councils are required to prepare, submit and publish annual budget and outturn statements about their planned and actual spending to the Secretary of State. The statements cover spending for education and children’s social care functions as required under section 251.

They are the primary means of informing schools and the public about council funding and spending plans and provide detailed information in a form that allows benchmarking by schools forums and councils.


2021/22 Budget Statement Outturn Statement
2020/21 Absent due to Covid-19 Outturn Statement
2019/20 Budget Statement Outturn Statement
2018/19 Budget statement Outturn Statement
2017/18 Budget statement Outturn statement
2016/17 Budget statement Outturn statement
2015/16 Budget statement Outturn statement
2014/15 Budget statement Outturn statement
2013/14 Budget statement Outturn statement


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