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The council manages ten cemeteries in Newcastle upon Tyne and we are a Corporate Member of the Institute of Cemetery and Crematorium Management. Cemeteries may be viewed and inspected at any reasonable time by contacting the Bereavement Services Office.

Contact Number - 0191 2116941

West Road Crematorium and Cemetery (opened 1934)
West Road
Newcastle upon Tyne
Accessibility information about West Road Crematorium and Cemetery from DisabledGo

All Saints Cemetery (opened 1857)
Jesmond Road
Newcastle upon Tyne
Accessibility information about All Saints Cemetery from DisabledGo

Heaton Cemetery (opened 1890)
Benton Road
Newcastle upon Tyne
Accessibility information about Heaton Cemetery from DisabledGo

Elswick/St Johns Cemetery (opened 1856)
St Johns Road
Newcastle upon Tyne

Hollywood Cemetery (opened 1943)
Hollywood Avenue
Newcastle upon Tyne

Jesmond Old Cemetery (opened 1836)
Jesmond Road
Newcastle upon Tyne

Friends of Jesmond Old Cemetery

Lemington Cemetery (opened 1906)
Union Hall Road
Newcastle upon Tyne
NE15 7JS

North Gosforth Cemetery (opened 1878)
Coach Lane
Newcastle upon Tyne

St Andrews Cemetery (opened 1857)
Tankerville Terrace
Newcastle upon Tyne

St Nicholas Cemetery (opened 1858)
Nuns Moor Road
Newcastle upon Tyne

Click here for a map which shows the locations of the above cemeteries. (PDF 29.2kb)

Cemetery records

We regret that we are currently unable to put our cemetery records online. If you are trying to locate a grave within our cemeteries please contact us at with the name of the deceased, date of death and if possible the cemetery they were buried in.

Being responsible in our cemeteries

All persons in the cemeteries should conduct themselves in a decent, quiet and orderly manner as prescribed in the Local Authorities Cemeteries Order 1977.

Any person who contravenes the above is liable to be fined.

No person shall drop, throw or otherwise deposit and leave in the cemetery any wastepaper or refuse of any kind, except in the bins provided.

Cremated remains shall not be scattered in the cemetery without prior consent of the Council.

Planting of trees on graves is strongly discouraged, as they can grow very rapidly, can cause damage to memorials and may encroach on adjacent grave spaces.  Please ask for advice form the Bereavement Services staff about the type of planting that may be suitable for graves.

For safety purposes children under the age of 12 years are only allowed in the the cemeteries when accompanied by a responsible adult.

Use of vehicles in cemeteries

In order to preserve the tranquil environment in our cemeteries, vehicles are only allowed within the grounds during a service or where disabled access has been granted. Please be aware that not all of our cemeteries have vehicular access.

For safety purposes the speed limit within the cemetery grounds is 5mph.

To maintain the appearance of our cemeteries we request that you do not drive on the grassed areas.

There is a car park at the West Road Crematorium.

Information for dog owners

We do allow dogs into the cemeteries if they are on a lead and under the strict control of the owners. In order  to maintain the appearance of our grounds, dog fouling laws will apply.

Grounds maintenance

Graves on lawn sections are seeded with grass after settlement has occurred and conditions are suitable. A 12-inch floral strip is left at the head of the grave for planting. In the ordinary sections the graves are left for the families to tend as the wish.

After a burial, settlement of the soil will occur possibly 2 or 3 times, causing the area to sink. Very wet weather can also cause noticeable sinkage. Cemetery staff will automatically top up the grave a week after the burial and for up to 2 months after the burial. You may request this service at any time by contacting the Bereavement Services Office.

Floral Tributes will be removed from graves approximately 2 weeks after the burial. Christmas wreaths will be removed from graves before the end of February. If you require floral tributes to be removed from graves any earlier, please contact the Bereavement Services Office.

Litter bins within the cemeteries will be emptied at least twice per week.

There will be a member of staff on duty during opening hours at weekends, at the West Road crematorium.

We are constantly working towards improving our grounds and services for the benefit and comfort of the bereaved. We are always pleased to receive helpful comments that may lead to an improved service.

Hazardous gravestones

Under the Local Authorities Cemeteries Order 1977 the council has the power to take immediate action to make dangerous memorials safe. This may be done by laying the memorial flat, or cordoning off the grave area.

If you own or tend a memorial and you are concerned about its condition please contact Bereavement Services.

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3 November 2014
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