Flooding advice and emergency assistance

For information on how to how to deal with a flooding emergency, guidance on how to protect your home or business from flooding, or if you are looking for insurance advice, visit our heavy rain and flooding emergency advice page. For emergency assistance contact Envirocall Online or telephone 0191 278 7878.

What are the types of flooding and who is responsible for them?

Identifying the reason for flooding is often complicated by different sources acting together, but it is an important step in determining who might be able to help and where legal responsibility lies. Our Types of Flooding page has the information you need.

Working Together to Manage Flooding

We all have a responsibility to manage flood risk in the City.  As a resident of Newcastle see how you can make a contribution! Significant investments to reduce the overall flood risk in Newcastle are being made by Newcastle City Council, Northumbrian Water and the Environment Agency, see how this might affect you!

Lead Local Flooding Authority (LLFA)

Newcastle City Council is designated as the Lead Local Flood Authority (LLFA) for Newcastle. This means we have a number of duties and responsibilities in relation to managing flood risk across the city. To find out more visit our webpage Lead Local Flood Authority (LLFA) for Newcastle.

Newcastle City Council's Scrutiny Committee - review of extreme events in Newcastle 2012

On 28 June 2012, 50mm rain fell in around 2 hours. For Newcastle, this is equivalent to the expected rain fall for the whole month of June. This, and further rainfall in early August, caused widespread, localised flooding incidents across the city. Further heavy rainstorms occurred throughout the remainder of the year.

To help the City Council and other agencies understand the impact of this flooding on residents, a survey of more than 12,000 properties was undertaken and almost 3000 responses were received. The results have been published in the Summer Flooding Report.

In addition, Newcastle City Council's Scrutiny Committee reviewed the citywide response to the extreme flooding events of 2012 and made recommendations in their Newburn Culvert Collapse and Citywide Flooding Report - Review of Extreme Events in Newcastle 2012 (pdf 1.59mb).


Environment Agency Flood Risk Publications

The Environment Agency has published two strategic regional documents highlighting the aims and actions needed to manage flood risk.  We are expected to consider both documents in conjunction, when dealing with flood risk strategies, planning framework and planning practice guidance -  Northumbria River Basin District Flood Risk Management Plan (FRMP) and Northumbria River Basin District River Basin Management Plan (RBMP). 

Local Flood Risk Management Plan

Flooding is one of the impacts of climate change and has had an effect on residents and businesses of Newcastle.  Newcastle City Council has drawn together information from across the city in this plan and sets out how we intend to manage flood risk in the future. Newcastle City Council Local Flood Risk Management Plan - March 2016 (pdf 17.49mb).


Northumbria Regional Flood and Coastal Committee help to deliver the Government's 'Resilience Partnership' funding approach. They play an important part in deciding on local priorities, raising local levies and approving programmes of work. They support the Lead Local Flood Authorities (Local Councils) and the Environment Agency to work with communities and others including Northumbrian Water Ltd to source and secure funding contributions. The work includes building flood defences, repairing existing flood defences, improving flood warnings and working with local communities to help them become more self sufficient and resilient. Annual Report 2014/15 (1.42mb), Business Plan 2015/16 (1.89mb)


Report incidents of flooding or blocked gullies in your area

Newcastle City Council maintains the highway network, trying to keep the roads and pavements free of surface water that might cause an obstruction or hazard. Reports from residents and businesses on local incidents can be a big help. Report blocked gullies or incidents of surface water flooding to Envirocall Online or telephone 0191 278 7878. If you experience foul water flooding report this online to Northumbrian Water or call 0800 328 7648.

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If you need further information or advice, or if you have any questions about the information on this page please contact flood.management@newcastle.gov.uk or call 0191 2116848 (office hours Mon-Fri 8.30am - 4.00pm). If you need emergency assistance please contact Envirocall Online or telephone 0191 278 7878.

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15 February 2018
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