Freemen of Newcastle

Freemen of Newcastle

Hereditary Freemen

At the age of 20, any son or daughter of a Hereditary Freeman is entitled to be sworn in by the Lord Mayor. 

Prior to 1835 the Freemen enjoyed special rights and had implied duties and liabilities including to defend the city from attack.  Still today, new Freemen must swear to defend the city. 

The coat of arms of the companies of Freeman are displayed on the ceiling of the Banqueting Hall in the Civic Centre.


Honorary Freemen

This is the highest honour that City Council can bestow on an eminent individual or group.  

Unlike an Hereditary Freeman, its status cannot be passed on. 

The names of all honorary freemen are carved into the walls of the Banqueting Hall in the Civic Centre. 

Councillors, residents and organisations in the city can make a nomination which will be assessed by the council's Constitutional Committee.


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For further information on Hereditary Freeman contact:
Administrator for the Freemen
Moor Bank Lodge
Claremont Road
Newcastle upon Tyne, NE2 4NL.

For further information on Honorary Freeman contact:
Linda Scott, Service Manager, Democratic Services
Telephone: 0191 211 5159


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