Details of appeals submitted and decided are available using the Public Access system.

Appeals are lodged with the Planning Inspectorate and not with Newcastle City Council. You can submit your appeal online (external link).  Appeals are considered by a Planning Inspector and most are conducted through writing although some are decided by a hearing or public inquiry.

Should I appeal?
When can I appeal?
How long do I have to appeal?
Submitting the appeal
What is the appeal process?

Should I Appeal?

If an application is refused you have a right of appeal through the Planning Inspectorate. However we would recommend that you contact the authority prior to lodging your appeal. Some issues can be resolved through minor alterations to proposals.

If you change your proposal and apply again within one year of the refusal you won't have to pay another fee.

When can I appeal?

You can appeal in the following circumstances:

  1. If you are refused permission.
  2. If you consider the conditions imposed on a permission to be inappropriate.
  3. If we have failed to approve details of a scheme which has already received outline planning permission.
  4. If in approving details of a scheme we have imposed conditions that you consider to be inappropriate.
  5. If we have failed to determine your application within the time allowed for the type of application.
  6. If we have asked for additional information that we consider necessary to determine an outline application but that you consider to be unnecessary.
  7. If we refuse to accept a proposal for discharging conditions on a development.
  8. If an Enforcement Notice is served on your property.

How long do I have to appeal?

Appeals against planning applications (non-householder application)

If your application is refused, you can lodge an appeal (external link) within 6 months of the date of the refusal.

If your application is approved but consider that one or more of the conditions are unreasonable or unacceptable, you can lodge an appeal within 6 months of the date of the approval or submit a new application to have them altered or removed.

Appeals against planning applications (householder applications)

If your application is refused, you can lodge an appeal (external link) within 12 weeks of the date of the refusal.

Appeals against enforcement notices

If you are served with an enforcement notice that you find unreasonable or unacceptable, you can lodge an appeal (external link) but this must be before the date on which the notice takes effect.  Where an enforcement notice is served on a development after an application for substantially the same development has been refused then you must appeal either within 28 days of the serving of the notice or within six months of the date of the refusal of planning permission, whichever is the sooner.

Submitting the appeal

The appeal can only be submitted by or on behalf of the original applicant.

You can lodge an appeal via the Planning Portal website.

Forms are also available from : Customer Support Unit,The Planning Inspectorate, Room 3/15 Eagle Wing,Temple Quay House, 2 The Square,Temple Quay, Bristol, BS1 6PN.

Phone: 0117 372 6372

All appeals will need to detail relevant grounds and reasons why you disagree with the decision of the local authority. You will also be asked how you wish to proceed with the appeal. There are three approaches which can be taken written representations, a hearing or via a public inquiry. Which option you request will depend on the nature and scale of the development. However most appeals are determined using written representations.

When you submit your appeal to the Planning Inspectorate you must also send a copy to the authority along with copies of any documentation.

The following documents need to be included with the appeal form:

  1. Appeal certificate indicating who owns the land on which development was to be carried out;
  2. A copy of your original application to the authority.
  3. A copy of the certificate of ownership stating who owned the land that you sent with the original planning application;
  4. Copies of all relevant documents, drawings and plans which were part of the original planning application.
  5. Copies of all relevant letters.
  6. Where applicable, a copy of the authority's decision notice.
  7. A location plan.
  8. In the case of appealing against non approval of details, a copy of the original application for outline planning permission, the plan and the outline permission itself need to be included.

What is the appeals process?

Within two weeks of the starting date (or 5 working days for householder appeals), we will send you and the Planning Inspector a completed questionnaire. We will also inform consultees and those who objected to the original proposal that an appeal has been submitted.

Within six weeks from the starting date, you can submit an additional statement in response to the questionnaire received by the authority. We as the planning authority will also have the opportunity to present our case.

Within nine weeks from the starting date, you and the authority can submit any comments on each other's statement and on comments from interested people.

For appeals decided by the written procedure, decisions normally be made within five weeks of the inspectors site visit. Hearings, will normally be decided within seven weeks of the date of the hearing and inquiries within seven weeks of the close of the inquiry. If the Secretary of State is making the decision, it may take longer.

For Householder appeals, the process will be fast-tracked; please see more information at

For further information please refer to the Planning Inspectorate website.

Guidance on taking part in appeals

For planning appeals:

For enforcement appeals:

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21 March 2014
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