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About Planning Enforcement

Planning Enforcement plays an essential role in delivering an effective and efficient planning service. Its role involves monitoring ongoing development and investigating possible breaches of planning control and seeking resolutions to planning problems. 

What is a "breach of planning control"?

A breach of planning control can include the following:

  • Building work and/or a material change of use undertaken without planning permission being granted
  • Development not being carried out in accordance with the approved plans of a planning permission
  • Non-compliance with conditions attached to a planning permission

There are also other legislative codes which fall within the remit of the planning enforcement function. Breaches of this legislation can include the following:

  • Works being carried out to a Listed Building which affect its character without listed building consent being granted
  • Non-compliance with conditions attached to a listed building consent
  • The display of advertisements for which express consent is required but not granted
  • The removal of protected trees and/or trees situated within a Conservation Area for which notification or consent is required but not given
  • Untidy land or buildings which affect local amenity

Not all development or change of use requires planning permission from the local planning authority. You can find out more information at the Planning Portal.

What solutions can we provide?

When the team investigates a possible breach, an assessment is made to determine what action, if any, is necessary. The team will usually attempt to resolve breaches through negotiation in the first instance. This may involve the submission of a retrospective application or a requirement to take steps to remedy specific problems with a development. 

If a voluntary resolution is not achieved, the team can consider the use of formal enforcement proceedings in an attempt to secure compliance. The Planning Authority has a general discretion to take enforcement action, when it is considered appropriate and expedient to do so in the circumstances. Any action taken must meet the tests as set out in government guidance and be proportionate to the breach of planning control to which it relates. Formal enforcement action will not be considered appropriate in every case.

Report a possible breach of planning control

You can contact a member of the Planning Enforcement Team in several ways:

  • By submitting an online form
  • Email: planning.control@newcastle.gov.uk
  • Phone: (0191) 211 5669; (0191) 277 8939; (0191) 277 8946
  • In person: Visit our Customer Service Centre, located at the City Library in Newcastle, open between 10am and 4.30pm Monday to Friday.
  • In writing: Monitoring and Enforcement Team, Development Management, Newcastle City Council, Civic Centre, Barras Bridge, Newcastle upon Tyne, NE1 8QH
    • Please read our Privacy Notice which sets out how we use information in the course of our work as a Local Planning Authority.

Given that the complainant's details are entirely confidential, we do not usually investigate anonymous complaints. If complainants feel uncomfortable in providing their contact details, an officer will be able to advise on the best course of action. You can also contact your councillor to submit an enquiry on your behalf.

Planning enforcement is not able to assist in matters which are covered by other legislation, for example, complaints in relation to public health matters, high hedges or the improper use of the highway. Any complaints with regard to these issues will be passed onto the relevant department.

View our planning enforcement service online

You can search our current and previous cases via our Public Access for Enforcement website. A guide document for using the Public Access is here(pdf, 870kb). A downloadable Enforcement Register is also available, containing a summary of notices served under the Town and Country Planning Acts and related legislation. For details of current enforcement notices, please view the enforcement register  (pdf, 239kb). Both are fully searchable using any field such as address, ward or case reference.

Only information in relation to notices issued within 5 years of the date of your search are shown. Should you wish to view the entire planning enforcement register you can do so at the Civic Centre between 8.30am and 4.30pm, Monday to Friday. 

Disclaimer: The information provided in relation to notices and The Register of Enforcement and Stop Notices is for guidance only. It should not be considered as a replacement for an official local land charges search. If you are carrying out research pertaining to the conveyance of land or for any other official reason it is strongly recommended that you carry out a local land charges search.

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2 January 2019
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