Replacement bins and caddies

Please note on the request if your existing bin or caddy is broken and if it needs removing. Please put a note or label on the broken item and leave it somewhere visible and accessible without blocking the road or pavement.

If your bin is missing, badly damaged or stolen you can order a replacement standard bin for £25.

There is no charge for a replacement caddy.

If your bin is damaged (broken lid, missing lid or broken wheels) you can request a free repair but please note if the bin is beyond repair, you would have to purchase a replacement.

Depending on the volume of requests in your area delivery can be any time within 40 working days. You will be given an approximate due date at the end of the form and on the confirmation email you will receive.

There are no exemptions to the replacement bin charge, even if you have a crime number from the police or are in receipt of benefits.

We strongly recommend that residents only put their bins out on the morning of collection, for 6.30am. Doing this lowers the risk of having your bin contaminated, stolen or vandalised. 


These forms are for standard size, 240 litre bins and smaller, 140 litre bins - blue, green bins and their caddies

240 litre blue bin240 litre green bin

You can also order replacement 240 litre brown bins on this form. Please note we only provide one size of brown bin.

If you live in a high occupancy property like a student house share, please phone 0191 2787878 and ask for "Your Local Services."

Staff will need to clarify with you the occupancy and any other related or special circumstances. These requests can only be done over the phone and speaking to an advisor.

If you have any problems with the online forms please phone 0191 2787878 and ask for "Your Local Services"

Did you know?

You can request a free of charge bin repair if your bin has a broken or missing lid or broken or missing wheels.

If your bin is missing and you think your bin may have fallen into the collection vehicle,  or you saw unrepairable damaged caused during collection, please contact Your Local Services on 0191 2787878 the day after your collection was due. These requests can only be done over the phone and speaking to an advisor.

If the crews have made a report, it would show on our systems the next working day. Remember the crews should put a card through your door to let you know if this has happened.