Leaf Clearance

Leaf Clearance

Our Leaf Clearance Work 

From October until mid-December our compact street sweepers (excluding those covering the city centre), work on a leaf clearance program, targeting high leaf fall areas of the city.

They are supported by a large street sweeper on the highway and some manual sweeping in harder to access areas.

We will visit areas on a rolling program as frequently as possible, however in periods of high leaf fall it may take longer to clear areas, and the program may also be affected by adverse weather.

In some areas we may not be able to clear leaves if there are access problems due to parked cars for example.

Please note that while we are working through this program we are unable to provide a reactive service to requests for leaf clearance.  If you feel an area might require additional clearance, you can request it by using our online forms, but please note this is not a standard service we offer. These will be done when the teams are next in that area and we are not able give a guaranteed response.


Did you know?

Leaves are carried freely on the wind and are largely outside the control of Newcastle City Council.

Clearing of leaves from gutters and gardens is considered to be normal routine seasonal maintenance which property owners and residents are expected to carry out.

Remember if you subscribe to the Garden Waste collection service you can dispose of leaves in your brown bin.

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